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Carol Peters Spice Up Your Fall ...

With over 30 years experience in art education , Carol is an award winning artist , actress , executive producer and star of “ Carol on Creativity ” Named 2021 Poppy Jasper International Film Festival ’ s

WITH Art Icon . LIGHTED Her passion is to bring art alive for young JARS and young at ! heart . Contact Carol at : caroljp @ garlic . com

# 1 : First lay down a protective surface under the coffee filter , then color around the center of the coffee filter with washable markers . The more color , the brighter the result will be .
TIP : Color at least five coffee filters and fold them before dipping . The dipping process is quick and your child will want to do it over and over !
# 2 : Quickly dip the folded , marker-colored coffee filter into a small glass of water . ( A clear plastic glass is ideal because the child can see the color change ).
Dip it fast and then quickly put it onto a paper plate . If you let it stay in the water too long , the color will run off .
# 3 : Blow dry the wet coffee filter on a paper plate . Fold as shown , first in half , then in half again , etc . Wrap a pipe cleaner around the base and unfold to create a flower .
# 4 : You did it and you made it all by yourself ! You ’ ll have a beautiful spring bouquet that ’ s perfect for gifting ! The gift of a handmade spring bouquet will brighten anyone ’ s day !
# 5 : Great job Viggo and Mila ! Who will you give your beautiful handmade spring bouquet to ?
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