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Snacks Time : Ode to the Smurph

As Spring greets us with sunny days and shorter nights , it also brings change .

times – until he sat on me . And we all know that happened .
Snacks Sanchez
Snacks is a seven-pound silkie Yorkshire terrier with the attitude of a 100-pound pit bull . Formerly known as Mia , she is a recovering rescue dog who found her new and loving home in 2013 when she was unexpectedly dropped off at her new mom ’ s place of work . Her new dad — a seasoned empty nester , was not a fan initially . A six-year battle of wills ensued , which Snacks eventually won . In the process both Snacks and Dad gained a clear understanding of who the real Alfa in the pack was — Mom .
Observing my humans , I can see that many changes are welcome . I can see their noses and mouths again – that was weird for a minute . They are busier than ever and now they don ’ t seem to be home as much as they have been . Overall , I would say things are looking up . However , the changes have not all been easy . In this issue I bid farewell to my amazing friend .
As Winter warms to Spring , and buds break to dress the naked trees , change is all around . I feel the sun on my face . I taste the rain-soaked grass as steam rises from the soil . I daydream of hot summer days and cool fall nights when together we cased the yard , fought for the laps and affections of our humans , and simply just hung out . They fed us like royalty . You were somehow the coolest of dogs with a soul and wisdom of the ages . You were my pooka-shellnecklace-wearing dog crush , my big brother , my rock , and the calm in every situation .
Last summer you seemed to slow a bit . Yet , you carried on like a boss and ruled the house with grace and hospitality unmatched by most humans … from what my dad says . Mom was over the moon with you too . I know you liked her best , just don ’ t tell Auntie Annette . She and Uncle Mark miss you too . Your mom and dad , Auntie Karyn and Uncle Mike , were always so proud of how you helped other dogs , and even when they fostered “ challenging dogs ” – as described by others who would drop them off to your house – you would calmly engage the new dog and show them the ropes . You were not just a mellow dog – you were a kind and gentle soul . I wanted to roll with you forever . We ran with Snoopy – my other brother , and we were the three amigos . We had good days .
I am so happy I got to hike Mt . Madonna with you , ride in the back of the SUV ’ s … wait , I sat in front on your mom ’ s lap . We traversed the desert trails in Arizona . We hung out on outdoor patios at cowboy saloons in the desert , and under the tables at Old City Hall Restaurant when you and your humans were in town , while the ‘ six-pack ’ - all our humans ate and yelled “ another round ” over and over . We waited patiently for them to drop bacon our way . I am so glad I didn ’ t have to get too nasty with you about the bacon . Even if you took my bacon , I would have gotten over it . You know as well as I do , Snoop felt my wrath about the bacon a few
I am happy we spent the holidays together . Naps , food , more naps , and food . Of course , our “ health nut ” humans made us go on walks between every meal . I mean , what the … They obviously don ’ t know what a vacation is supposed to look like . It looks like I am doing the Grand Canyon without you my dog-crushpooka-shell-timeless soul . It won ’ t be the same . Nothing will be the same . And you will be missed every moment . I know you ’ ll be there somehow , watching over us and making sure Snoopy doesn ’ t feel my wrath – or sit on me .
Murphy aka ‘ Smurph dog ’ you were your man ’ s best friend . You were what your daddy calls a “ Heinz 57 ” - part Rottweiler , part beagle , part Burmese , and part Terrier . And you were the best dog ever . I hope you ’ re running – or napping – in the sun my friend . You so deserve that . I know one day I will be on that porch with you . I ’ m pretty sure Snoop will be there too .
And rest easy knowing – I ’ ll take care of the bacon . No sense letting it go to waste , right ? Thought so .
See you soon my furry friend . And I will miss you until that day .
Godspeed .
ABOVE : Me with my brother-dog Snoopy and dog-crush Murphy , aka ; the Smurph . TOP LEFT : Smuph and me hanging out on his patio in Feb of 22 . We hung with the humans by the fire as Uncle Mike played his guitar . LOWER LEFT : The Smurph dog just being cool . # murphy
Images provided by Team Sanchez for gmhTODAY magazine : snacks @ gmhtoday . com
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