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South Valley Bike Scene ... Spring is Here

Easy Tips to Get Your Bike Road Ready

Y et when you wheel it out of the garage and turn a few pedal strokes , it might sound like two pipes clanking together . Or worse , when you hit the brakes you might hear a “ squeeeeaaaaak !” by Jodi Hall jodi @ biketherapy . bike

Spring is in the air , flowers are blooming , and your bike is calling you !

something that allows you to turn the pedals freely . With the rag underneath the chain to catch wayward drips , squeeze some lubricant onto each link of the chain , run the chain around a few times , let it sit for a minute , and wipe the excess
Instead of parking the bike to deal with another day , follow these simple tips and get that bike out for a glorious springtime ride :
Lube your chain
Lubricating your bike ’ s drivetrain ( chainring , cassettes , chain , and derailleur ) is a pretty quick task you should do every few times you ride your bike . Grab a rag and a small bottle of lubricant , such as Rock n ’ Roll Gold . Stand the bike outside against off with your rag . You only need the lubricant on the inner links of the chain , so wiping off the excess is key to keeping your drivetrain clean .
If a lot of dirt or grime has built up on your derailleurs or gears , use a small brush to remove the grime . ( Side note : If you will be mountain biking in wet or muddy conditions , consider investing in a chain cleaner tool and “ Muc-Off ” bike wash to make clean-up so much easier ). ( Continued ...)