gmhTODAY Spring 2022 - Page 55

He chose Guatemala as the location for the seed ranch , which offered his sons perhaps the greatest gift Glenn could provide them , one-on-one time with their father . Joel was the first to accompany Glenn while he finalized the deal in Guatemala . “ I got to sit in the lawyer ’ s office . That probably got me started on that side of the business ,” Joel said , adding that he took over the company after Glenn retired in 1985 . “ The following year the whole family went to Guatemala , we drove in the station wagon .”

For William , his travels with Glenn provided an introspective view into his father ’ s world . “ I got to see how much his work meant to him , what a passion it was ,” William said . That in turn inspired William . “ I did take to heart the idea of finding something I was deeply passionate about to build a career around , rather than just getting a good job … I doubt that I would have without his example .”
Jim will never forget his trips to Guatemala , Costa Rica , and Washington DC when he was eleven . “ I never took those times for granted ,” Jim said . “ It was just the two of us and it made me feel so special .”
As for Richard , his father ’ s trust in him changed his future . “ I was a newly married 27-year-old when I was given the opportunity to move to Kenya to help with the production at the company farm there ,” Richard said . “ We ended up being there for six and a half years and our two boys were born there . This life changing event provided the international background and balance my family now enjoys .”
Glenn and Jane were devoted to not only their family , but their community as well . Their numerous contributions , including forgiving a $ 400,000 loan for the remodel of the Wheeler Hospital into a senior facility , is just one example .
Richard will never forget how his father “ gave others the opportunity to grow and excel while quietly mentoring and guiding .”