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Keeping Your Bike Safe And Sound with Jordan Rosenfeld

The South Valley attracts bike riders from all over the state with its miles of picturesque roads and numerous bike paths . All those shiny bikes can also attract unwanted attention , however , from thieves hoping to get a free ride . When you take your bike out for errands or transportation , the last thing you want to worry about is whether your bike will still be there when you return . No matter how safe you think your bike is , or whether you ’ re parking it in what you consider a safe place each time , it ’ s better to be smart , and think about security in advance .

Where to Park ?
While there are some bike-friendly establishments that will let you bring your bike inside , to be safe , you should always try to lock up your bike to a bike rack that is located in a highly visible location with a lot of foot traffic , where it ’ s less likely to get stolen . Here are a few great options :
Municipal Racks
Most of our downtowns have a variety of public bike racks . Municipal racks are usually put there by the city , according to bicycleroots . com , and you will often find these outside city buildings , restaurants and grocery stores . The upside of municipal racks is that they ’ re often located in well-trafficked locations . The downside is that they often fill up fast . But if you can find one , be sure to lock your bike on the sidewalk side , rather than the street side , to avoid cars or trucks hitting your bike .
Street Signs and Bus Stop Poles
If there ’ s no bike rack in sight , try street signs and bus stop poles--these are sturdy and ubiquitous . Bicycleroots . com does warn that if you leave it somewhere too long , intrepid thieves can remove the top of the signs and slide the bike and lock up over the top of the pole , but if you ’ ve chosen a high-visibility location , that ’ s unlikely to happen .
School Bike Racks
Additionally , many elementary schools and middle schools have their bike parking located on the inside of the school campus , though many are outside , as well . If your school has a secure fence , then all you need is a simple cable lock to secure your bike to the rack . Even if it ’ s just a rack that you can lock your wheel into , go ahead with a cable lock . Having a combination lock for this is easiest for the little ones . If your school has bike racks outside then use the U-Bolt lock to secure your frame to the rack and run the cable through your wheels .
Bike Lockers
If you are planning on leaving your bike for more than two hours , then I highly suggest you find a bike locker to store your bike . You will find bike lockers for use at most transit stations , commercial developments , public parking lots , schools , and hotels . You may need a credit card to access a pay station . Or , for older locations , you will need to contact the management company to rent a bike locker out by key . Inside the lockers you will have space for your bike , helmet , clothes , and usually a place to hang your backpack .
What Kinds of Locks ?
When it comes to choosing the right lock for your bike , first consider the different types of bike locks :
U-Lock and Woven Steel Cable Bike Lock : A “ U ” shaped steel bike lock with a pull and drill-resistant key-lock cylinder is very hard to cut or break . Place the lock through the front frame , wheel and then bike rack . Insert the woven steel cable through your wheels and loop inside the bike like before you secure it .
Woven Steel Cable Bike Lock : Cable bike lock features a set-your-own-combination , four-digit combination lock . It provides a basic security level that is best used as a theft deterrent . This bike lock is made with braided steel for flexibility , and includes a protective vinyl coating that helps prevent scratching . Though these are difficult to cut , they can be , so it ’ s worth investing in the best one you can afford .
If you don ’ t know where to keep your bike lock , you can install a mount on your bike that holds these bike locks , or you can opt to carry them in your bag . A rack system allows you to secure a lock with a bungee cord . Additionally , a rack enables you to carry things , from grocery items to school books , and will make your trips much easier .
Some racks can handle weights of up to 50 lbs . You can find racks that fit in front of your handlebars and on the sides of your wheels . In some cases , for added security when your bike is locked up , some racks transform into bags you can remove and take with you .
Protect Your Bike in Other Ways
If your bike were to get stolen , police can identify it by the serial number , so write it down , photograph it , and keep receipts so that you can , hopefully , get your property back in the worst case scenario , according to the San Francisco Bicycle Coalition . Renters ’ and homeowner ’ s insurance may also cover a theft , so long as you have proof of purchase and serial number written down .
Whatever option you choose for securing your bike , you ’ ll enjoy your outings that much more knowing your bike is safe and ready for your return trip home .
See you on the road .
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