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ABOVE : Borango-Corvi holiday traditions include lots of great conversation and laughs over great meals . # 2 Denise with daughter Michele Novotney and grandaughter Ashley Novotney ( 15 ). # 3 Mike Corvi ’ s famous Manhattan in a bottle , made with care by Mike and daughter Michele . # 4 Granddaughter Ashley places finished ravilolli in one of several boxes used to store the little squares of magic for later consumption during the holidays . # 5 Denise ’ s son Jim Corvi and wife Tiffany in full production mode . # 6 Denise and Mike ’ s granddaughter , Jovi Corvi ( 4 ) is all business when it comes to raviolli . Here she quality checks # 7 dad Jakes work . Jovi , brother Jake ( 11 ) and cousin Ashley will no doubt carry on this family tradition .
Up the road at the Corvi Farm in San Martin , Denise Corvi loves celebrating her Italian heritage in honor of her father , who was a first-generation Californian , born and raised in San Francisco to two Italian immigrants .
Each year , in the weeks leading up to Thanksgiving , Denise and husband Mike host a traditional ravioli making party . Cousins , siblings , and grandchildren , and now friends and extended family are all welcome . They roll and pack up “ stacks of boxes ” of ravioli each year for Thanksgiving Day and the Christmas holidays . With four generations under the same roof , Denise shares that it is a very festive affair . “ We laugh and spend the whole day celebrating !”
The day after Thanksgiving the family heads out to the coast for fresh crab . Returning home , it ’ s a group effort to prepare
the crab feast , and well worth the effort . The tradition was started by her daughter and son-in-law when they were first married and has continued for 20 years .
Mike Corvi shares a family tradition centered around his mother , who was highly regarded for her perfect Manhattan cocktails . Every Christmas for the past eight years , Mike and daughter bottle homemade Manhattan ’ s to give out as gifts over the holidays .
The Corvi home is always filled with laughter , good times and great food . For Mike and Denise , the holidays can ’ t be better than having family all together . “ We try to keep our traditions going !” Denise said . With her and Mike ’ s love for family and friends , they will .
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