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Tis The Season ...

Of Family Traditions

by Mike Sanchez and Giovanni Albanese Photos by the Bozzo and Corvi Families
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Just like that , the holidays are here . While our heads are spinning a bit thinking of just how fast time flies , we are also reminiscing about holidays past at our house , complete with family , food , fun and the occasional hurt feelings over a “ gramma not-to-be-named ” wiping out all competition young or old on the Monopoly board . While we are relatively certain she doesn ’ t cheat , she sure plays aggressively , and she ’ s always the banker .

We checked in with two of our favorite South County families to learn about their favorite holiday traditions . Here ’ s what they shared :
In Gilroy , the Sam and Judy Bozzo residence is the meeting place for three generations of family . A Thanksgiving tradition is to make Cardone Fritti ( fried bread cardoon ). It ’ s all hands-on deck to prepare the artichoke-like plant . In Italian cuisine , the Cardone is considered a delicacy . It is sliced , peeled and cut into four-to five-inch lengths . The pieces are boiled until tender , then rolled in flour , a whipped egg mixture , and a dry mix of breadcrumbs , garlic , cheese , parsley and salt . Finally , the rolled Cardones are fried until crispy on the outside . Cardone Fritti makes a great side dish on a Thanksgiving or Christmas table , served with salt and lemon .
Another holiday food tradition for the Bozzo family is to
TOP : # 1 Sam and Judy Bozzo with their three grandchildren ( g ); Olivia , Gianna , Dominic and Milo the dog , proudly displaying a batch of finished ravioli . # 2 Three generations of labor and love : ( g ) Olivia , Son Dave , Jill Fick , Judy , ( g ) Gianna Son Greg , Sam , ( g ) Dominic , and daughterin-law Laura are all smiles after the work is done . # 3 Sam with Gianna . # 4 Dominic and Olivia . BOTTOM LtoR : Raviolli production in process : # 5 pasta sheets ready to fill , # 6 filling the raviolli with precision , # 7 Dominic and Sam at the stove cooking the finished product .
make homemade ravioli and sauce . The three generations converge in the kitchen and dining area to make the dough , filling and sauce .
Making food is truly a family affair for the Bozzos . Grandparents Sam and Judy are former restaurateurs and founders of the original Digger Dan ’ s in Gilroy . Sam is also one half of the world-famous cooking duo “ Saka-Bozzo , Twins Separated at Birth .” Brothers Dave and Greg learned the business as preteens , with Dave staying in the industry as a caterer and chef at the Gilroy Elks club ’ s Lodge on the Hill . Grandchildren Olivia , Gianna and Dominic bring the energy and elbow grease , keeping pace with their elders in production , laughs and the occasional pasta scuffle .
When it comes to sauce , these Bozzos don ’ t clown around . Its not uncommon for the family to ramp up production to the tune of over 100 quarts of sauce , dubbed “ Bozzarelli Bro ’ s Pasta Sauce .” Rumor has it they share their “ red magic in a jar ” with friends and family for the holidays . However , and as of this article , we have yet to see proof .
You can always count on family , fun , and great food in the Bozzo home . For grandparents Sam and Judy , these traditions are always a part of the holidays . Its the memories created in the traditions are what make the holidays great .
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