gmhTODAY Fall 2021 October-December 2021 - Page 5

- Debbi and Mike

Compost Changes Everything

South Valley
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• Improves Water Retention
• Helps Fight Climate Change
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Debbi & Mike Sanchez , Publishers

Just over a year ago we entered a new season when we became the publishers of gmhTODAY . We had a whole lot of enthusiasm in our corner , but no technical knowledge . We had no graphic design , writing , editing , or other tangible experience we could draw from . The “ pros and cons ” list was heavily weighted against the decision . On the “ pro ” side of the ledger were two items — just two .

1 . It ’ s a good thing ., and 2 . We can do this .
First , we knew the communities in the south county loved the magazine and that we wanted to keep it alive . Second , we knew that any challenge we faced together would work out in our favor — or at the very least be one hell of a ride . That ’ s all we had . Or at least , that ’ s all we thought we had .
Once we made the decision to go forward , we met with a talented group of former writers , via zoom , of course . A few were available and willing work with us . It was clear during that first call that we collectively had something . We formed a small team of people who were great at what they do , and who believed in our vision for the magazine . Our next calls were to former advertisers who — at the time — were all facing an uncertain future due to the economic shutdown . They , like us , knew that even in those dark days of 2020 , marching forward was the only way out . Their confidence and courage in their own ability to succeed , and their trust in us is what made , and continues to make , this magazine possible . All that was left was to learn how to “ make ” a magazine . Piece of cake . A year later , we ’ ve learned a lot , and there ’ s still much more to learn . We ’ ll get there . In this season we welcome three new writers , two incredible photographers , and two talented proofreaders / assistant editors . We also say farewell to writer Craig Lore , and our “ Cathy ’ s Kitchen ” contributor , Cathy Katavich . Both are moving into to their next great season , and we wish them well ! Seasons change and change is the only constant . Yet , with each season ’ s change comes an opportunity to grow and improve .
I should also mention we ’ re having a lot of fun ! It is hard work at times , but we love what we do , so it ’ s not really work . Its not even close .
Why am I sharing ? Because I believe in my core that we are all capable of incredible things . We can do more , be more , and achieve tomorrow what may seem impossible today . If you ’ re reading this in 2021 or beyond , realize that you have made it through the most difficult season in any of our lifetimes . A global pandemic did not stop you . An economic shutdown and the breakdown of all logistics world-wide did not stop you — although it was tough to find toilet paper for a while .
This is your season to reach your goals and pursue your dreams . Dig deep , reach high , and as my friend Mark says , “ control the controllables .” For me , goals are like mountain tops . Once I see where I ’ m heading , I take it one step — or three feet — at a time . Set your course , build and refine your process — your path — then trust it . Show up every day . You ’ ll get to where you ’ re going . Above all else , enjoy the journey . Bob Marley ’ s “ Three Little Birds ” reminds us not to worry , because everything will work out in the end . As we head into Fall , remember to fall forward . .
- Debbi and Mike