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Putting our heads together , a plan took shape . Rather than scaffold the room for artists to paint the ceiling a la Michelangelo , we could cut the acoustical sheets in sections and allow artists to paint them in their studios . Ross would cut and prime the panels ; I would recruit the artists , lay out the panels , and oversee the process .
For the theme , Ross chose album covers of his favorite bands growing up . We figured two acoustical sheets side by side would create a symmetrical eight-foot square — the perfect scale for the standard vinyl album . I drew up a schematic of the entire ceiling , calculating the placement of the album murals . It was then time for Ross to select the albums .
“ I chose albums not only for the cover designs but also for the music that affected me growing up ,” Ross said . “ To me , it ’ s a way of recognizing influential musicians .”
Twenty artists took part over a two-year period , with six to eight artists assigned to each mural . Painting a panel with minimal guidelines , the artists worked independently of one another . I pitched in when a vacancy occurred .
After artists returned their panels , Ross and master carpenter Brandon Kuskie mounted them on the ceiling . Along with the attending guests , the artists would see the fully assembled mural for the first time at the unveiling events held prior to COVID .
“ Working with Kelly Brewing Company on this incredibly creative project has been like getting together with great friends to complete a puzzle ,” said participating artist Les Taylor . “ Each panel is a work of art in its own right .” ( Continued ...)
MAIN PHOTO ( by Will Sundquist ) - Ross Kelly ’ s vision became reality with the help of local artist and gmhTODAY writer / columnist Dan Craig . The pair led the two-year project from concept to completion , involving twenty artist contributors , to the create the incredible ceiling mural . Kelly prepped and later installed the panels with the help of master carpenter Brandon Kuskie .
ABOVE : ( by Will Sundquist ) Kelly Brewing Co has twelve taps pouring a selction of their craft beers , made on premises , in constant rotation .
BELOW : Ross Kelly and Dan Craig under the art-filled ceiling . Check it out at : Kelly Brewing Co : 70 E . 4th St . Morgan Hill .
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