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Tis the Season to ...

Give , Take , Spend , and Save

by Mike Sanchez

This past season has been hectic and uncertain for many individuals . With shutdowns and reopenings , Zoom and hybrid meetings and events , home with the family and kids , or home alone , we ’ ve had to adjust our lifestyle . For some this led to a moment of feeling “ stuck ” somewhere on the path of life . For others , it was a time to reassess , seek and perhaps start a new journey leading to new discoveries within . No matter which path you find yourself on , this is a new season ! Let ’ s all take a step , or go deeper , into a the mindset of “ give , take , spend and save .” We ’ ve all been through a long season together . It was shared , in someway , by everyone on the planet . So keep in mind , we ’ re in this together . You do not have to figure out this , or the next season , out alone .

This is a Season to Give :
Please give generously to these local charities like Community Solutions , Operation Freedom Paws , WERC ( Wildlife Education & Rehabilitation Center ), One Step Closer ( Therapeutic Riding ), Dreampower Horsemanship , Rebekah Children ’ s Services , Pitstop Outreach , South Valley Science and Engineering Initiative , YMCA among others .
Give back - by finding ways to volunteer . You can help at The Salvation Army and St . Joseph ’ s Family Center . You can serve in a soup kitchen . Soup kitchens are always looking for volunteers to help serve food and cook meals ; check out the Lord ’ s Table in Gilroy , and St . Catherine ’ s in Morgan Hill . You can : Aid Your Church , Assist Your School , Mentor a Child , Organize a Winter Reading Program , Donate Books , Help Out at a Homeless Shelter , Volunteer in an Animal Shelter
Its easy to give : You can open door for a stranger , buy a stranger a cup of coffee , give someone having a bad day a break -recognize we are all going through tough times . And , Give yourself a break . You got this .
This is a Season to Take :
Take your gently used clothes to local drive or agency like : Gilroy Compassion Center The Salvation Army Community Center La Isla Pacifica Shelter For Women
More ways to take : Take time to thank a server . Take the time to appreciate our local community members as well as our essential workers . Take a minute to say “ thank you ” to the individual that rang you up today , or simply helped you find what you were looking for .
Take a minute to say “ thank you ” to those who serve and protect our community like our local police and fire members . Behind those badges they are every bit as human as we are .
Take a break - from your busy schedule and support small / local businesses . Dine out in our downtown restaurants . Shop for your apparel in our local shops . Explore the wineries , microbrew and craft brew establishments in our area .
Take time - to support and appreciate our local art & cultural scene ; music , libraries , museums , galleries , theaters like Gallery 1202 , Moya Art Gallery And Studio , Leedo Art &
Framing , Gilroy Museum , Morgan Hill Historical Society , Colibri Gallery And Studio , 6th Street Studios , among many .
This is a Season to Spend :
As seasons come and go we tend to get caught up in the chaos and forget to “ spend ” where it matters most . Beyond spending financially , “ spend ” physically . Make sure to physically spend time with your loved ones . Make some more of those memories that last a lifetime . Perhaps most importantly , spend time with yourself . Get to know your authentic self and spend less time with the “ who ” society wants you to be , thinks you are , or expects . If it doesn ’ t resonate , don ’ t hesitate to set it free .
Spend more : time with your loved ones . Spend time to love on others . Spend time to love yourself . Spend time getting to know your neighbors . Spend time getting to know your authentic self . Spend time reflecting on your journey and how far you ’ ve come . It ’ s been a long and hectic season . When it looked impossible you still opened up the small business , became an at home teacher , shed pounds and got healthy , learned new things , listened more , or spoke up more . You grew , or at least you got “ ready to grow ” Now is your time !
This is a Season to Save :
Save your energy for the things in life that matter the most . Your physical and metal energy are of utmost value . Save time to give yourself a break . You ’ ve been going at it for a while . It is okay to take a break . Save yourself from chaos and drama . Walk away from unhealthy encounters that steal your energy and clog the wheels . Realize you ’ re here for a reason and this is just a season . You have so much more to give and grow , the best is yet to come !
Save time - to give yourself a break and block the chaos . Save your energy for the things and people that matter . Save your drama . Save the good times ( cherish the time you have with your loved ones this season ). Save your health for your journey ahead . Your future self will thank you for the effort ! Do better things like enjoy good food , take a walk , laugh , face the sun , climb a hill ... a small hill is still a hill . Save your best ideas for yourself , by turning that idea or hobby into a business .
By giving , taking , spending and saving , this might be the best season we ’ ve all seen in a long , long time . Remember you ’ re not alone . Here ’ s to your next season !
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