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FESTIVAL ASSOCIATION RECREATES GOURMET ALLEY - Garlic lovers were delighted to take part in the Garlic Festival Association ’ s two-weekend long pop up Gourmet Alley , held at the Gilroy Presbyterian Church . Patrons picked up pre-ordered meals in a well organized drive thru . Folks drove for miles to get their spicy plates of local goodness — some as far as San Diego ! The Association and their volunteers put the Garlic Fest back on the map — and back into the hearts of a grateful community . In addition to Gourmet Alley , the Association hosted a Farmto-Table dinner and golf tournament . All three events sold out and were huge successes . Whether volunteering or participatiing as patrons , folks were all smiles , fist bumps and high-fives . Congrats to everyone involved , and thank you to the volunteers for making it happen ! We look forward to more good things to come from the Association , and more garlic in every dish !
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