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Here is how you can get started: Finding a Space For your new garden, take a concentrated walk around your property to fi nd the spot with just the right ‘atmosphere’ for what you are seeking to accomplish. Is it a comfortable location to spend time? You’ll be considering sunlight ver- sus shade spaces, the wind direction, the views into the garden from your house, along with the sights you’ll see while being in your garden. Is the ground fl at enough, is it sheltered from the afternoon winds enough, and will your soil require lots of amendments? Seek Inspiration With your garden goal now in mind, start col- lecting inspirations. With sunny Spring days before us, take a drive to our beautiful local garden shops and home improvement centers. We gardeners love walking the aisles of flowers and rows of hues. Each year, I’m delighted to find so many new varieties of plants available to experiment with. What’s a Fritillaria Imperialis Rubra Maxima any- way? It’s worth Googling to find out. Searching the World for ideas has to be the most fun of all. My vacation travels often focus around visiting gardens. I always come home inspired with too many crazy ideas, like repli- cating Medusa’s Grotto or Monet’s Garden. 90 GILROY • MORGAN HILL • SAN MARTIN SPRING 2020