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Warming up your spaces for a Cozy Winter W hen the weather changes outside to cloudy, rainy and/or windy and cold, you may find your castle a little dark and dreary instead of warm, homey and inviting. After the holidays are over and decorations are put away, our spaces can look a little stark and impersonal. You can warm up your spaces by just using a few tricks—making your home feel inviting and cozy. After all, you may be spending a lot more time inside. The first thing I do is assess how my furniture is placed and what I have around the larger pieces of furniture. Your room is not the place to nurse struggling plants back to life. What warms up a room is different textures, pops of color, green plants (either artificial or real). If real, make sure they look heathy and vibrant. Changing pillow colors to warm colors and a mixture of solids and prints and placing them on your sofa and one on a chair softens even a leather sofa in the winter. Adding throw blankets in complementary colors and different textured fabrics on a sofa or chair is also very inviting. In the corners of your room, adding a large green Ficus tree or other large plant, that is not too stiff, will lend softness to a nearby solid chair or sofa. Lighting is key to the mood of a room. If a corner of the room is dark and uninviting, add a small amount of tiny white lights to your indoor plant or tree. Leftover strings from the holidays work well but a word of caution —too many lights may look like you forgot to take your decorations down. Adding a floor lamp or extra table lighting is another option. Now for the fun things that make a big difference, the acquisition of which often involve a trip to a home decorating store. We are very lucky to have a few to choose from here in South County. Beware, however, of the temptation to overdo and add too much to the space, making it look crowded and cluttered. Hearths are often the focal point of your family/living room space. A candled lantern at either end or a little greenery around the base can go along way to soften it. The candle, when lit or turned on, if it is battery-operated, one will give off a nice warm glow. Baskets with greens or wood at the base of the hearth also work well. They also add to the warmth of the room when placed on the floor near the base of a chair or table off to the side. If you have a mantle, candles, tea lights, and a few taller items really add to the appeal. Use live or beautiful artificial greenery to place at the base of your arrangement to soften the look. Utilize the greens and flowers in your garden as much as you can to give small pops of color in a few other areas of the room as well. Use your imagination but be sure not to overdo. What you are trying to do is feel yourself wanting to sit and be cozy in your room. So, throw a lap blanket diagonally across the end of your sofa with pillows placed in front of it. Use more than one pillow at each end of a sofa and add one to a chair. Use a solid color fur throw and another throw in a soft cashmere type fabric in a soft plaid. Use white or cream as a base and then add your favorite warm tone or two with a print or plaid pillow. Look at them together and see if they blend and feel warm. You can change the look of your room just by moving your current furniture around and/or adding a new piece to the mix. Remember that warm hues (color) invite you in and soft, touchable textures (fabrics) make you feel cozy. The green of a tree or plant brings the outside in and the room seems more alive. For your table, use a cloth or runner on your dining table with a seasonal centerpiece. Use vegetables like artichokes, cucumbers, peppers, or others placed on a runner or tablecloth among candles and/or with a seasonal focal item you like. Use some greens or leaves from your yard as a base. It’s really easy and fun. Written By Teri Nelson, Realtor Intero Real Estate, Morgan Hill GILROY • MORGAN HILL • SAN MARTIN WINTER 2020 15