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PJIFF 2019 will open with the Youth & Student Film Festival on April 3rd at Gavilan College in Gilroy. The event will feature screenings of short films by and for youth, high school, and college age students; including films completed in PJIFF’s youth workshops. Two other PJIFF workshops will cater to adults aged 40 and older, and seniors aged 70 and older. In addition to the workshops, local filmmakers created a music video with Reggae artist Jordan T, for this year’s Millennials Music Video, a popular program carried over from PJIFF 2018. According to Scariot, Golden State Brewery will host the Music Video screening and live performance on April 6th, and the brewery’s owner, Seth Hendrickson, is creating a “Poppy Jasper” beer for the film festival. NEW & RETURNING SPONSORS Scariot noted that returning major sponsors, including Leal Granada Theater, Holiday Inn-Express, Golden Leaf Pictures, the cities of Morgan Hill and Gilroy, and TODAY Magazine continue to play an important role in making PJIFF “one of Northern California’s fi lm festivals to watch.” Returning sponsor Frank Leal has once again offered to host both the opening Gala and its Awards Ceremony events at the Granada Theater, an historic Morgan Hill landmark gmh that he restored and reopened as an elegant dinner and entertainment venue in 2016. “South County has enjoyed the festival for many years and the Granada Theatre has been a centerpiece in show- casing talented filmmakers,” Leal said. “What impressed me most about the rebranding of the film festival last year was the way it inspired community involvement, which will keep the arts alive for generations to come. It’s important to continue this tradition.” “The Granada and PJIFF are a good fit,” Leal added. “The film arts attract an international audience and our region attracts international tourism. High quality dining and entertainment play a big role in providing them with a sense of excitement and memorable experiences that will inspire their return visit.” Another returning sponsor is Morgan Hill-based Golden Leaf Pictures. Founder and CEO Dan Nelson has worked as a successful film industry entrepreneur for many years and has sponsored the Cinequest Film Festival. “I look forward to sponsoring PJIFF 2019,” Nelson said. “I was impressed with last year’s event and, knowing Mattie’s vision and passion for the film tradition, I foresee tremendous opportunities being generated by this festival in our region.” Scariot has cultivated relationships with new partners including Pictoclik, a film distribution company that helps emerging independent filmmakers find their way to market. In January, Pictoclik did a soft launch online to give PJIFF BOARD OF DIRECTORS Andrea Nicolette Maria Cid Poonam Chabra Mattie Scariot Katie Khera Bill Leaman Lori Foster Marilyn Pfifer Matt Hendrickson 69