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SUPPLIES Socks Peel and Stick “google eyes” Peel and Stick Felt for mouth Pom-Poms (Velcro dots or Fabric Fusion) Instant Dry Glue Water Bottle Something to cover work area Scissors (For parents use) Curly ribbon that is attached to a peel and stick base Stickers, foam self stick shapes, self stick jewels, mustaches etc. Pipe cleaners STEP THREE Peel and stick on the pre-cut felt mouth. Parent can cut out mouth in an oval shape. You can even cut teeth, a tongue or other shapes for toddler to stick on puppet. STEP ONE On a covered work area, put sock over the water bottle. STEP TWO Peel and stick on the “google eyes” STEP SIX Toddler puts on puppet and learns to make the mouth move and talk! We made more than one puppet so parent or siblings and child could interact! TIP FOR PIPE CLEANERS STEP FOUR Put a velcro dot on Pom-Pom and on sock where nose area is and child sticks on nose. Or parent can put a dot of Fabric Fusion on Pom-Pom and let toddler stick on nose. We just pushed the Pipe Cleaner through the sock to make antenna and whiskers on some of the sock puppets. Super cute and easy! The possibilities are endless and FUN! STEP FIVE Toddler sticks on curly ribbon for hair, and adds other stickers to finish puppet. GILROY • MORGAN HILL • SAN MARTIN Toddler Artist: Luke Berta, Age 3 february/march 2019 63