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COMMUNITY DIGEST TIDBITS FOR AND ABOUT GILROY • MORGAN HILL • SAN MARTIN JUST PASSING THROUGH International Singer at Seeker Vineyards Leticia (Tish) Hinojosa recently traveled through the area and stopped to do a fall concert at Seeker Vineyards. Tish’s music is easy to listen to. Her commentary rounds out her music in a personal, and relatable style. “I’m gonna find me a new song to sing,” declares Tish on the title track of her new album, “West,” her first since 2013. Tish returned to Austin after nearly ten years in Germany, a failed marriage and two serious operations. “Music flows through cracks and scars,” she sings on a tribute to “My Good Guitar,” which tells the story of how Tish repaired a prized acoustic guitar. With wood clamps and gorilla glue from a hardware store she made it whole again. “We’ve both been through a lot, and now we’re back in action…this album is definitely about renewal,” she says. “Getting back on my feet, regaining my health, and creativity.” One of 13 children born to Mexican immigrant parents in San Antonio, Tish has dedicated her career to playing music from the southwest, starting out in Tejano before moving on GILROY • MORGAN HILL • SAN MARTIN to singer/songwriter folk, border music and country. Tish’s music blends folk, country, Latino, and pop. She effortlessly sings in Spanish and English. “West,” is her eighteenth album. Her first was in 1987. Tish has received numerous awards and performed on radio and TV in the United States and Europe. She was invited to sing for President Clinton at the White House. february/march 2019 21