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Require Government Accountability and Transparency “I believe our City can improve in this regard,” Constantine said. “I’ve asked city staff to draft a Lobbyist Registration and Disclosure Ordinance. Our citizens have the right to know about the activities of paid lobbyists and who they meet with at City Hall.” He’d like to bring city council meetings to local neighborhoods a few times each year, to encourage broader public engagement. He’s also advocating for Campaign Finance Reports and Contributions to be posted on the City’s website. “When it comes to matters of public policy and our use of taxpayer dollars, I believe in full and open disclosure.” On the flip side, Mayor Constantine said he and other council members will work to ensure the City’s voice is heard when proposed State legislation threatens to erode local control on important issues such as housing and land use. Participation in the California League of Cities provides an important vehicle to accomplish this goal. While Morgan Hill is not currently represented on the Board of Directors, Mayor Constantine is Chair of the League’s Governance Transparency and Labor Relations Board. Building Consensus “The city council’s job is to focus on what’s best for the city and keep personal ideologies at bay,” Constantine said. “As Mayor, my job is not really to build consensus. Our council works as a team: we all read the meeting agendas; come with open minds; hear information from staff, council and citizens; discuss issues openly; and then build consensus to move things forward in a unifi ed way.” In closing, Constantine said, “At the end of the day, my job is to do what’s best for the City and its citizens. I live here too. This is what motivates me.” Constantine lives in Morgan Hill with his wife Andrea, an EMT with American Medical Response, and their daughter Emma who will be three years old this year. Proudly Employee Owned The direct relationship between work, ownership, and community involvement fuels a strong commitment to customer satisfaction. 1351 Pacheco Pass Hwy Gilroy, CA 95020 408-842-3358 RecologySouthValley-ad.indd 1 GILROY • MORGAN HILL • SAN MARTIN february/march 2019 1/4/2019 4:48:40 PM 19