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TRISH O'DWYER The Candy Lady Written By Bev Stenehjem G ilroy residents Trish and Michael O’Dwyer, owners of Ór Dubh Chocolate, are quickly becoming the rock stars of the South Valley chocolate world. The O’Dwyers hand- craft high-quality, soft-center bon-bons that are sensationally beautiful and ‘Bean to Bar’ chocolate bars made with beans from all over the world. As Trish likes to say, “I’m at my happiest when I’m covered with chocolate.” I recently caught up with Trish, who was fresh off her trip to Paris where she conducted some specialty chocolate research. 48 GILROY • MORGAN HILL • SAN MARTIN In 2007, the O’Dwyers left their home in Ireland to follow their grown daughters who took jobs in the United States. After settling into her new home country, Trish, a petite bundle of energy with a radiant smile, realized that she couldn’t sit around without something to do. “I had previously worked in accounting, setting up accounting systems for new companies back in Ireland, but I was tired of that line of work,” she said. “I wanted to learn something new but didn’t want to go back to college.” OCTOBER/NOVEMBER 2018