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San Martin Chamber of Commerce

San Martin Shines

By Connie Ludewig

The beauty of San Martin , with a designated scenic route along Monterey Road , was officially recognized by the County in 1995 , when the Board of Supervisors established the San Martin Integrated Design Plan to protect the rural residential lifestyle from urban development . With numerous large-growth industrial and institutional proposals , concerns of residents and business owners alike are valid and must be considered ; especially regarding plans for High Speed Rail .

The fate of this unincorporated community is still unknown ; and this Chamber continues to focus on the ‘ gems ’ of South County . Our members are as unique as this rural residential village and they share common goals to make San Martin a better place to live , work and play . We want to highlight some who really shine with positive influence .
MORGAN HILL HISTORICAL SOCIETY consistently hosts events that include a variety of fun and local history . In September , they featured the ‘ History of San Martin ’ at their 49th annual Founders ’ Dinner . Their videotaped interviews of San Martin elders , who have lived here 70 + years , were informative and engaging .
GREENWASTE RECOVERY , a proud partner of the Trash Bash , which is “ their favorite community event in San Martin ”. Together with residents , they ’ re out with boots on the ground , cleaning up litter along roads and waterways ; and their Outreach Coordinator , Rebecca Sale , is a leading hands-on participant . They also provide San Martin , and the unincorporated areas of Gilroy , two Clean-Up Day events each year to dispose of bulky items and junk .
COPART , an online vehicle auction facility , offers a wide selection of vehicles . More importantly , this company is a proud member of this community . They participate with canned food drives and provide breakfast pastries at Trash Bash events . Their employees are an enthusiastic family , eager to participate .
SOUTH VALLEY INTERNET is pleased to announce their new six-month Apprenticeship Program ! This paid position will provide participants exposure to all aspects of the Telecom / ISP industry . Initially , they will focus on the Front Office , Customer Service and Basic Operations , then Technical Support , and finally Engineering . No experience needed , just a desire to learn . Inquire at : office @ garlic . com .
SANTA CLARA COUNTY LIBRARY BOOKMOBILE provides free services in San Martin at St . Catherine ’ s Community Closet , Iglesias Bautista Emanuel Food Pantry and San Martin Gwinn School . For their schedule , email : Bookmobile _ Manager @ sccl . org
SAN MARTIN CHAMBER OF COMMERCE is an organization of people just like you who seek to work in harmony with individuals and businesses , as well as government and civic organizations , to build strong community bonds and generate public interest to protect San Martin ’ s rural character . For information and to join , log onto sanmartinchamber . org .
Morgan Hill Historical Society Honorees featured in the 2018 Stories from the Past video ( l-r ): Julie Perlitch Belanger , Bruce Perlitch , Wilma Flaherty , Steve Ludewig , Tomie Fujita , Yutaka Fujita , Giulia Gallego , Don Bonino , and Carol Nakashima .
Trash Bash Clean Up Packets
South Valley Internet Ribbon Cutting Ceremony and our first “ WINE DOWN WEDNESDAY ” Community Mixer — Wednesday , October 17th at 5:30 pm , 95 East San Martin Avenue , San Martin
SAN MARTIN TRASH BASH — Saturday , October 20th , 8:30-Noon at 80 West Highland Avenue . Volunteer to " Help Keep San Martin Clean and Green .” Information Available at : trashbash . eventbrite . com
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