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Lisa Furtado Lisa Furtado Interiors To donate for continued research and ultimately a cure for FA, go to: 14 GILROY • MORGAN HILL • SAN MARTIN “There is no medication,” Laura said. “There is no treatment at all. But there are many, many, clinical trials for FA right now.” Knowing the facts about the disease and its effects, a former classmate of Laura’s, Lisa Furtado, of Lisa Furtado Interiors, was amazed when she first met Siena, who she describes as, “full of energy and a big personality. So sweet and just a joy to work with.” Furtado’s description is an accurate one. Despite all that’s transpired over the past two years, the blond haired, blue eyed, dimpled cheeked Siena exudes a level of boundless happiness that radiates from within, and resonates outward to everyone around her. Furtado’s involvement in remodeling Siena’s room came from the goal she’d set when she first opened her Redwood City business in 2015. “I wanted a way to volunteer and give back in the way I knew best, design,” Furtado said. Last year, when she found out about Siena from a friend and former classmate of both her and Laura, she knew she’d found her next project. “Creating a space that is both personal and functional and acts as a place of reprieve can make a big impact on a child,” Furtado said. “Especially one with a medical condition.” In March of this year the designer began working with dozens of volunteer professionals, including carpenters and lighting specialists. Two weeks later the makeover was complete. OCTOBER/NOVEMBER 2018