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sunning in the mangroves. Their bodies were in the three to four foot range with tails as long, or longer. From there, we visited “Secret Beach” on the north end of the island. Interestingly, “Secret Beach” is not all that secret, as the local bar t-shirts announce. The first clue, however, was the close to two hundred lounge chairs spread around the beach area! Apparently, the area is a favorite among the younger crowd for winter and spring breaks! Back on land, we visited Ron and Addie’s new property, which is much closer to town than the one they are selling. The property has a sea wall and very cool “crooked pier,” but no buildings. We were told that recent storms had put the twist in the pier. And although Addie and Ron plan to straighten the pier, we felt they should name their vacation home “Crooked Pier.” We were also introduced to a resident stingray that was cruising the shallows at the base of the pier while we were there—we named him “Fuzzy.” Tuesday, we split up. The guys went lobster fish- ing while the ladies enjoyed yoga and spa treatments and lunch at the Science and Soul Wellness Center in the Mahogany Bay Club. Lobster fishing was a kick. With a long stick and hook we searched for lobsters in 106 GILROY • MORGAN HILL • SAN MARTIN coral crevices and under traps. Bobby, our guide, was phenomenal in the water. He was very much at home on the boat and diving for lobster. Because of the reef the water tends to be very shallow. We were a good half mile from land and at one point could stand up! The water around the reef is warm and generally calm. We again lunched at a local waterfront bar. That evening we enjoyed twenty-four lobsters and a fantastic dinner prepared once again by Delisa and her crew. Before dinner we gathered on the dock for a Champagne toast to Ron and Addie in celebration of their 20th wedding anniversary. In the course of the conversation Ron proposed the idea of jumping off the dock as an alternative to having to give a speech later. We all thought that a great idea and accepted the chal- lenge. In went Ron—followed by Mike and Dennis! Back at the Villas, we had a great dinner—a lobster gumbo and lobster tails with all the fixings. In spite of his dock plunge, Ron gave a heartwarming toast to Addie and we all enjoyed being part of their celebration. Wednesday, we set off on an all-day sailing and snorkeling trip. Bobby shuttled us to the downtown dock where we boarded a catamaran, the Cas Cat. After a leisurely sail to the Hol Chan Marine Reserve, we OCTOBER/NOVEMBER 2018