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“Kaiser Permanente is a
great organization because it
practices preventive care using
a total health model. We’re
one of the largest healthcare
systems in the country yet we
have a local feel here in our
Gilroy healthcare facility.
In my role as Site Director,
leadership requires more
listening than talking. I’ve
learned to surround myself
with smart people and let
them do what they do best,
which is to provide quality
care and service to
our members.”


Chris’s career with Kaiser Permanente began in
1999 when he worked as a Physical Therapist.
In the early to mid 2000’s, he fulfilled the roles
of Physical Therapy Supervisor, Interim Manager, and
Ergonomics Consultant to help ensure staff provided high-
quality, accessible and cost-effective care. He also provided
ergonomic training and worksite assessments.
In 2008, he served as Service Unit Manager and Clinical
Department Director in Southern Alameda. He also initiated
a five-year effort as Flu Clinic Coordinator, planning
and managing the facility flu clinic as part of a larger flu
program that vaccinates over 50,000 Kaiser Permanente
members annually.
As a guest lecturer at Samuel Merritt University (2009-
2014), Chris instructed doctoral students in the basic
ergonomic assessment of office workspaces and intervention
using physical therapy principles.
After that he became Director of Clinical Services at the
Gilroy Medical Offices, and that led him to his current
job as Site Director. Chris partners with the Physician-in-
Charge to oversee daily operations in the 62,000 square
foot Gilroy facility, which employs approximately 190
people, including 40 physicians.
Chris holds a Bachelor’s degree in Biological Sciences
from UC Santa Barbara and a Master’s degree in Physical
Therapy from Samuel Merritt University.