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“My hope is to preserve the
special place that Morgan
Hill is, our small-town
feel, while we continue to
develop economically. It’s
about finding that balance
between the two. We have
to find creative ways to
address fiscal challenges so
we can continue to provide
quality services.”

As City Manager, Christina is focused on fulfilling the
strategic priorities of the Morgan Hill City Council.
She leads an organization of nearly 200 people to
run the city’s operations efficiently and cost-effectively.
Christina joined the City of Morgan Hill as Assistant City
Manager for Administrative Services in 2016, and was
appointed to succeed former City Manager Steve Rymer
following his departure in 2017. She said he left big shoes
to fill, but colleagues who know Christina’s work say her
background has prepared her well for the task.
Christina has played a central role in transitioning
Morgan Hill to a two-year budget cycle, a move she said
supports a long-term vision and better planning. Previously
she served as Finance Director and Treasurer for the City
of Gilroy. Before that she provided a variety of finance,
accounting and investor relations services at CalPine and
Arthur Andersen. For Christina, the work has been “an
eye-opening experience” seeing how different companies
operate, from hospitals, utilities, and high tech companies,
to restaurants and even a Las Vegas casino.
She has served on the board of the South County
Regional Wastewater Authority, and in the fiscal officer’s
department and on the Revenue and Taxation Policy
Committee of the California League of Cities. Christina
holds a Bachelor of Science in Commerce from Santa
Clara University and is a Certified Public Accountant. Her
husband Lou Zulaica is Executive Chef at Clos La Chance
Winery and owner of Cellar Door Catering. They live in
Morgan Hill with their teenage daughter and son.