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Don't Be Sorry — Be Happy! W e human beings like to be happy. The hazards of life sometimes get in the way, but more often than not, we have some control over shaping the out- come. One of the controls has a huge influence over our state of mind. It has to do with the people with whom we choose to surround ourselves. It’s kind of a no-brainer: if the people we spend our time with are no good for our psyche, we may see life in gray. If we choose to surround ourselves with happy faces and optimistic brains, chances are that we too will see life in bright colors. Allow me to explain what all this has to do with real estate. When you are ready to put your house on the market for sale, who you work with is your call to make. The options are open, based on such criteria as the REALTOR® or real estate agent’s experience, batting average, market knowledge, company affiliation, etc. But sellers often overlook the most important ingredients of a good pick: chemistry, enthusiasm and optimism. Is your agent happy? The road that eventually leads to finding a buyer or finding a home can be long and rocky; can you stand to walk that road with the agent you have in mind? An agent can change the way he works, but he cannot change the way he thinks. From under the polish of experience, natural behavior will always re-surface. Some agents are just not the happy kind. They blame the market instead of focusing on the great opportunities it presents. They blame cooperating agents and sometimes kill a deal by criticizing the other side, instead of focusing on what they have to do to win. They unnecessarily complicate a deal to look like they are very smart, at the risk of losing it, instead of trying to simplify whatever they can and focus on the desired outcome. Not only is it painful to endure the service of an unhappy agent, but you need to be aware that other agents probably feel negatively toward the unhappy agent. They are not looking forward to working with him/her and may even go out of their way to avoid showing or bringing offers on his/her listings. As the seller, you’re the one who suffers. You want/need your agent to get along with everyone to multiply your opportunities to sell or buy. At the end of the day, the best experience you will have with an agent is not necessarily all about the sale, but also about the process. Did you enjoy the ride, the dedication, the honest care, the positive attitude, the relationship? If your agent is also capable of obtaining the best price and terms, then you’ve gotten it all, haven’t you? To find a Realtor you can be happy with, make your expectations known during the initial interview. Here are some pointers to keep in mind: Top Producing Team Gilroy Office, 2015, 2016, 2017 Marta Dinsmore, Realtor GRI Intero Real Estate Services 408.710.571 DRE #01352339 Sean Dinsmore, Realtor Intero Real Estate Services www.TheDinsmore 408.710.2855 DRE #01966405 12 • • • • • • • • • • Show me (and tell me) that you like my house Tell me that you understand my needs and you are happy about the opportunity to satisfy them Show me that you are proud to put your name on my listing Don’t suggest a listing price if you don’t believe you can sell at or close to that price Confirm that will share my listing ASAP with other Realtors to invite their cooperation Show me that, if need be, you will always be available to show the house to potential buyers Show me that you are anxious & prepared to promote it via the media channels we can agree on Do not hold my house open over the weekend because you have to; do it because you want to Do not take my listing if you don’t honestly believe you can sell it Don’t tell me, after you pocket the listing, that it’s my fault if the house does not sell. I don’t need a nagging mother, I need a business partner Remember, if your agent is not upbeat about the market, or your house and its salability, do yourself a favor and find someone else. Life is short, and the listing period may be long…Don’t be sorry, be happy!  GILROY • MORGAN HILL • SAN MARTIN FEBRUARY/MARCH 2018