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W Publishers Larry & J. Chris Mickartz at Community Solutions’ Black, White and Bling Gala at the Granada Theatre in Morgan Hill. ell, we did it. I have to admit I had my doubts about whether this issue of TODAY would be out at all much less on time. So one out of two isn’t so bad. This is our fi rst issue to be a little late and I must admit it was a struggle to get my head around that. Better late than never they always say. Or maybe, good things are worth waiting for. I think I like the latter saying better. Important thing is that we did it. We will be changing up the timeline a little for 2018 and be coming out on the even months versus the odd months. Our main reason for changing it up is so we can catch some to the events and requests for coverage that fall between the cracks when you publish an every other month publication. The other reason is that the holidays seem to just be getting crazier and crazier; so we trust our change will help us navigate around them a little better. I want to thank Articulate Solutions for our new website and congratulate them on their recent dotCOMM Gold Award at the 2017 dotCOM Awards competion. We are proud to have such an award-winning website. And, I want to thank Carly Gelsinger for helping us with our new blog and social media eff orts. We hope you will visit our website and let us know your thoughts. Lastly I’d like to welcome Mike Brookman to our writing staff . He will be helping us share Morgan Hill’s vibrant history with you. Enjoy! gmh I lost my sweet daddy, John Albaugh, on September 19th, just one day shy of his 98th birthday. I want to thank everyone who sent their condolences and those who shared their stories of him with me. A spe- cial thanks to Jim Habing, Habings Family Funeral Home, Father Dan Derry, Old City Hall Restaurant and my wonderful friends, Teri Nelson and Linda Hussar for all their support and love. On A Personal Note: The later part of September and into October were a whirlwind for us. We laughed at the antics of our puppy Charlie, we cried at the loss of my beloved father, we celebrated the joining of our son Peter to his new lovely wife, Colby and I was faced with the reality of a 50th High School Reunion which turned out to be an enjoyable experience. Daddy was a very special person to many people and he will be so missed. Those of you who know me, know that I respected and loved him very much. I feel fortunate to have had a life fi lled with the unconditional love he and my mother, Marge showered me with my entire life. RIP sweet daddy bear — give sweet momma a hug for me. Léal Vineyards in Hollister provided a beautiful setting for all things wedding from the family meet and greet to the rehearsal dinner, welcome, ceremony and reception, everything was perfect. Congrats Mr. and Mrs. Mickartz! GILROY • MORGAN HILL • SAN MARTIN NOVEMBER/DECEMBER 2017 There’s nothing quite like walking into a room where you know everyone there is your age. It is a bit of a rude awakening and undeniable awareness of one’s age. But it also aff ords the opportunity to reconnect with people we only see every 10 years but who shared our most vulnerable years, our high school years. I was fortunate to have my oldest and bestest friend, Susan Patereau by my side. Our husbands, Rick Patereau and Larry Mickartz generously escorted us. 9