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W orking out of her Gilroy home-studio in relative obscurity, rarely showing her pen and ink drawings to anyone but family and friends, a tweeted image of one of Katherine Filice’s works took off on the internet and reached London. The rest, one might say, is history. Katherine Filice has been selected by Artrooms to exhibit her artwork at its prestigious International Contemporary Art Fair for Independent Artists, to be held January 2018, at the Meliá House in central London. Filice was one of only seventy artists selected for this honor from over 1100 applicants from around the world, and she will be one of only four representing the United States. “I was in complete shock,” Filice shared. “I am incredibly humbled to have been selected for this honor. I am so grateful to Artrooms for providing this unique opportunity to exhibit my work on the international stage. I could not be more excited!” Artrooms is an innovative concept that offers independent artists a platform to meet international collectors and gallery directors. The Artrooms selection committee includes esteemed international curators, art critics, museum directors, and art historians. Born in Yuma, Arizona, she moved to the Bay Area as a child and graduated from Henry M. Gunn High School in Palo Alto. She took art courses at Evergreen and Gavilan Community Colleges and later received a B.A. in Organization- al Leadership from the University of San Francisco in 2012. Since a young age Filice desired to be an artist, but along the way the necessities of life took time away from this pursuit. It was when she was working at Apple as a training designer in the late ‘80s that she realized commercial art might allow her to utilize her creative passions to make a living. In 1991, Filice started Articulate Solutions, a creative services fi rm in downtown Gilroy. As the CEO and Executive Creative Director, she has received over eighty national and international awards with her team as well as awards for her own designs, painting, writing, and photography. Viewing her works, one can see the infl uence of her favorite artist, Spanish surrealist Salvador Dali, who Filice praises as “very freeing and willing to expose himself wildly, fearlessly and honestly.” According to her publicist, Filice’s works explore human relationships through provocative symbolism and intricate ink lines. Her precise Escher-like application distinctively has no overlapping lines or cross- hatching for shading. The subjects have a mythical aura, with mixed metaphors creating a thematic depth that is sure to spark the viewer’s imagination. “I am absolutely intrigued by forms and anatomy in that they express the relationships we have with each other and the form that we have been given by divinity,” Filice said. To experience the unique and intriguing art of Katherine Filice is to take a fl ight of fancy that viewers won’t soon forget. To see the full portfolio of Katherine Filice’s work, including the drawings which will be on exhibit in London, go to katfi For additional information about Art- rooms and the International Contemporary Art Fair for Independent Artists, go to 79