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GILROY ASSISTANCE LEAGUE GRANT VISITS TO 2017 RECIPIENTS Gateway School We all view life through different lenses. A very special lens is used when one visits Gateway School for severe special needs children in Gilroy. Upon entering the doors, the warmth, love, sincere kindness, as well as caring is all encompassing.  The purpose of this visit was to view some new and very special equipment that the Gilroy Assistance League presented to Gateway School in the form of a grant.  Through the grant, two special low muscle tone swings (one indoor and one outdoor) plus several water therapy floaties, that aid with developmental skills, were purchased by the Gateway staff. This equipment allows students with low muscle tone as well as those usually in wheel chairs to safely experience that wondrous feeling of freedom! One must experience these special needs children as their faces light up with smiles while voicing squeals of joy. Loving & Learning Center New paint, flooring, vertical blinds, and bins, purchased with a grant from the Gilroy Assistance League this year, has helped make the Learning and Loving Education Center more welcoming and organized, says Christa Hanson, executive director of the Center. Founded in 1994, the Center offers classes in literacy, writing, math, and computer skills for immigrant women, providing them with support and a stepping stone to a better life. The Center also has an on-site preschool and offers classes in early childhood education, job skills training, health, parenting, high school equivalency training, sewing, knitting, nutrition, yoga, art, and music.   GALs supports the youth of this community through a Spring grant cycle and a Holiday “adopt a family” program. In 2017, Gilroy Assistance League distributed $19,000 in grant funds and $1,000 for the Holiday “Adopt a Family” Program with thanks to all who so generously supported the 2016 Home and Garden Tour, “Impressions.” Since 2007, GALs has awarded $164,039 to local charities in our community. Their grant cycle opens January 3th and closes February 28th. GILROY • MORGAN HILL • SAN MARTIN NOVEMBER/DECEMBER 2017 35