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themselves in need of health care afterhours , on weekends and holidays . When their primary care physician is unavailable , and their health needs can ’ t wait , De Paul is the go-to facility .

Valley Health Center in Gilroy is one of 11 outpatient clinics operated by Santa Clara Valley Medical Center . Patients can be referred there by primary care physicians to receive specialty care in urology , cardiology , endocrinology , neurology and other areas . It also offers family medicine , pediatrics , dental services , OB-GYN , behavioral health , and other services .
The Foothills Community Health Center in Gilroy welcomes Medicare and Medi-Cal patients and those who are uninsured . The center offers pediatric , adolescent , adult and elder care services , as well as optometry and podiatric care . Children can receive the full immunizations as required by the Center for Disease Control , at no cost to the family . The center also offers state-funded programs for perinatal care and family planning services .
Knopf pointed out that Santa Clara County has three trauma centers , all to the north , at Santa Clara Valley Medical , Regional Medical Center , and Stanford . These facilities have earned high-level trauma center ratings by providing access to specialist medical personnel for emergency medicine , trauma surgery , critical care , neurosurgery , orthopedic surgery , anesthesiology , and radiology , along with sophisticated surgical and diagnostic equipment .

Our “ Healthcare Safety Net ”

When healthcare providers and policy makers speak of California ’ s healthcare safety net , it ’ s not marketing jargon . According to John Hennelly , Chief Administrative Officer at Saint Louise Regional Hospital , this safety net is defined by a mutual understanding among providers to ensure healthcare services are accessible to everyone in the community .
Hennelly described how Saint Louise is stronger because it is part of Verity Health , a six-hospital system .
“ Like health systems do , Verity negotiates contracts , builds partnerships and shares best practices . Every hospital has to innovate to find effective and efficient ways to do things . No one has all the answers . You share the best of the best across the system . Our ability to obtain new equipment and technology at the best possible value , like our new mammography units , is an example of a system advantage .”
He said the system also has the ability to calm the financial waters .
“ Hospitals go through peaks and valleys . For example , insurers don ’ t always pay on time but we still have to pay our employees and vendors . Being part of a larger system flattens that out so individual hospitals can focus on services .” Not a day goes by that Hennelly doesn ’ t get asked about Congressional attempts to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act .
“ When it comes to improving the design of the federal healthcare system , the Affordable Care Act was a great first step . I ’ m generally optimistic that our government representatives will eventually find the best way forward . At the regional level , planning is challenging , but on a day-to-day basis , the hospital staff is focused on providing care . The California Hospital Association does a lot of modelling to identify models that provide more access to care . We ’ re very open to innovating based on those models .”
Along with innovation , Hennelly explained that the hospital is undertaking new initiatives to connect with the community .
“ Many people got insured under the Affordable Care Act but chose plans with huge deductibles so they could afford the monthly premiums . Fundamentally they are insured for catastrophe , not for day-to-day medical and dental care needs . We want to facilitate preventive care , because taking care of day-today needs , is how we stay healthy and productive as individuals and as a community .”
“ Like other hospitals located outside major urban centers , we want to attract more physicians with sub-specialties . For example , there ’ s a widespread shortage of behavioral health professionals . This month , Saint Louise is excited to be bringing a second neurology specialist , Dr . Ibrahimi , to our staff .”
“ Our challenge is to find the right recipe for connecting people with the information and care they need at the right place and time in their lives . Preventive education and care encourages families to start healthy and stay healthy .
“ Kaiser Permanente ’ s Gilroy Medical Offices recently celebrated 30 years of serving our members — part of our strong commitment to caring for the fastgrowing community in Southern Santa Clara County . There are 35 providers at the 62,000 square foot Arroyo Circle facility , offering high-quality care in allergy , family practice , internal medicine , obstetrics and gynecology , optometry , pediatrics , physical therapy , adult psychiatry , and radiology . In addition , members at the Gilroy Medical Offices can consult with other specialists throughout Kaiser Permanente using video visits . With Kaiser Permanente ’ s electronic medical record , your physician at the Gilroy Medical Offices and any others in Kaiser Permanente can access your medical history , so there is exceptional coordination of care . Recently , our Gilroy Medical Offices were remodeled — creating a calm , healing environment for our members .”
Irene Chavez , Senior Vice President and Area Manager , Kaiser Permanente San Jose
Our “Healthcare Safety Net” themselves in need of health care after- hours, on weekends and holidays. When their primary care physician is unavail- able, and their health needs can’t wait, De Paul is the go-to facility. Valley Health Center in Gilroy is one of 11 outpatient clinics operated by Santa Clara Valley Medical Center. Patients can be referred there by primary care physi- cians to receive specialty care in urology, cardiology, endocrinology, neurology and other areas. It also offers family medicine, pediatrics, dental services, OB-GYN, behavioral health, and other services. The Foothills Community Health Center in Gilroy welcomes Medicare and Medi-Cal patients and those who are uninsured. The center offers pediatric, adolescent, adult and elder care services, as well as optometry and podiatric care. Children can receive the full immunizations as re- quired by the Center for Disease Control, at no cost to the family. Qѕȁͼ)́хєչɽɅ́ȁɥ)хɔ͕٥̸)-ѕЁѡЁMф Ʉ) չ䁡́ѡɕɅյѕ̰Ѽ)ѡѠЁMф ɄY5)I5 ѕȰMхɐ)Q͔ѥ́ٔɹٕ)ɅյѕȁɅѥ́ɽ٥)́ѼЁͽ)ȁɝ䁵Ʌյɝ)ɥѥɔɽɝ䰁ѡ)ɝ䰁ѡͥ䰁Ʌ)ݥѠͽѥѕɝ)ѥեи)]ѡɔɽ٥́)́ ɹéѡɔ)ͅ䁹аӊéЁɭѥɝ)ɑѼ)!䰁 )Ʌѥٔ=ȁЁMЁ1ե͔I)!хѡ́ͅ䁹Ё́)䁄Յչхɼ)٥́Ѽɔѡɔ͕٥́ɔ)ͥѼٕ役ѡչ)!䁑͍ɥ܁MЁ1ե͔)́ɽȁ͔Ё́ЁYɥ)!Ѡͥൡхѕ+q1Ѡѕ́Yɥ)ѥѕ́Ʌ̰ե́ѹ͡)͡ɕ́ЁɅѥ̸ٕ䁡)х́ѼمєѼѥٔ)Ё݅́Ѽѡ̸9)ѡݕ̸eԁ͡ɔѡЁѡ)Ёɽ́ѡѕ=ȁѼ)х܁եЁѕ)ЁѡЁͥمՔȁ)Ʌչ̰́ᅵ)ѕمхt)!ͅѡѕͼ́ѡ)Ѽѡ݅ѕ̸+q!х́ѡɽ՝́)م̸ȁᅵɕ́eЁ)݅́䁽ѥЁݔѥٔѼ)ȁ啕̸ٕ́ )ɝȁѕѕ́ѡЁЁͼ)٥Յх͕́́٥̻t)9Ё䁝́ѡЁ!)ͻeЁЁͭЁ ɕͥ)ѕ́Ѽɕɕѡ)ɑ ɔи+q]Ё́Ѽɽ٥ѡ)ͥѡɅѡɔѕ)ѡɑ ɔЁ݅́ɕ)Ёѕ'eɅ䁽ѥѥѡ)ȁٕɹЁɕɕ͕хѥٕ́ݥ)ٕՅ䁙ѡЁ݅䁙݅ɐ)Ёѡɕٕ́)ЁѼ䁉̰ͥѡ)хх͕́ɽ٥)ɔQ ɹ!хͽ)ѥ́ЁѼѥ)́ѡЁɽ٥ɔ́Ѽɔ)]eɔٕ䁽Ѽمѥ͕)ѡ͔̻t)ݥѠمѥ!)ѡЁѡх́չȴ)х܁ѥѥٕ́ѼЁݥѠ)ѡչ+q5Ёɕչȁѡ)ɑ ɔЁЁ͔́ݥѠ)՝Սѥ́ͼѡ䁍ձɐ)ѡѡɕյ̸չх)ѡ䁅ɔɕȁхɽ)ȁѼ䁵хɔ)̸]݅ЁѼхєɕٕѥٔ)ɔ͔хɔѼ)䁹̰́܁ݔх䁡ѡ䁅)ɽՍѥٔ́٥Յ́)չ今t+q1ѡȁх́ѕͥ)ȁɉѕ̰ݔ݅ЁѼɅ)ɔͥ́ݥѠՈѥ̸)ȁᅵѡɗéݥɕ͡д)٥ɅѠɽ̸ͥ)Q́ѠMЁ1ե͔́፥ѕѼ)ɥ͕ɽа)ȸ%ɅѼȁхt+q=ȁ́Ѽѡɥ)ɕȁѥݥѠѡ)ɵѥɔѡ䁹Ёѡ)ɥЁѥѡȁ̸ٕAɔ)ٕѥٔՍѥɔɅ)́ѼхЁѡ䁅х䁡ѡ+q-͕ȁAɵїéɽ5=́ɕѱ䁍Ʌѕ啅́)͕٥ȁϊQЁȁɽѵЁѼɥȁѡд)ɽݥչ䁥MѡɸMф Ʉ չ丁Qɔɔԁɽ٥)ЁѡȰՅɔЁɽ弁 ɍ䰁ɥՅ䁍ɔ)ɝ䰁Ʌѥѕɹѕɥ́幕䰁ѽ)䰁ɥ̰ͥѡɅ䰁ձЁ卡䰁Ʌ丁%)ѥ́Ёѡɽ5=́ձЁݥѠѡȁ)ѡɽ՝Ё-͕ȁAɵєͥ٥٥̸ͥ]Ѡ-͕ȁAɵїe)ɽɕɐȁͥЁѡɽ5=́)ѡ́-͕ȁAɵє́ȁѽ䰁ͼѡɔ́ፕ)ѥɑѥɔIѱ䰁ȁɽ5=́ݕɔɕ)Qɕѥ٥ɽЁȁȁ̻t)%ɕ ٕ谁MȁYAɕͥ)ɕ5Ȱ-͕ȁAɵєM)͔)%1I=d5=I8!%10M85IQ%8)9=Y5 H 5 H)ѽ乍(