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throughout the year to remind folks that they are part of an ongoing TEAM, not just a “day of the event” person. They are constantly reminded of their importance to the success of the event and that the parade belongs to them. They are encouraged to bring friends and family in as volunteers as well. One creative way that they reinforce the value of the ongoing commitment to the event is by issuing name badges with a year bar added each year of their participation. For each five years, they receive a gold year bar and for ten years, they receive a “star volunteer” pin to place on their year bar. Twenty-seven of their volunteers have served over ten years, with ten others serving over 15 years. Although passing some of their involvement to Ray Pulver of Upbeat Parades in 2018, Maureen and Bob will still be very much involved. Maureen plans to work more on outreach to local organizations and Bob will be working on fundraising and new unit acquisition. Upbeat Parades will be processing the participation parade applications, participant recruitment, parade line-up order, and announcers comments, as well as helping to prepare the parade for marching. Bob and Maureen’s passion to bring people together to celebrate America and what it stands for is contagious! GILROY • MORGAN HILL • SAN MARTIN SEPTEMBER/OCTOBER 2017 “Volunteerism is vital for community service groups and Morgan Hill residents excel at it. In my opinion, Bob and Maureen’s success comes from genuine appreciation of their volunteers, clear direction and well documented procedures. In the time I worked on their team, all these elements were present. They also allowed me the room to be creative and own my area of responsibility.” Jeff Dixon, Chairperson 2017 Morgan Hill Freedom Fest 69