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“ Lord of the Rings ,” “ Pirates of the Caribbean ,” “ Jurassic Park ,” “ The Cowboys ,” and the iconic classic , “ Star Wars ,” to name just a few . The October event includes a complimentary champagne reception at 3 pm . Families are encouraged to attend . Youths ( 16 and under , accompanied by an adult ) and college students ( with ID ) will receive free admittance .

The SVS 2017-2018 season also marks the 10th Annual Navaroli Young
Phil Robb , Alumni Chorus , December 2016
Musicians Competition , named after Al Navaroli , a long-time Gilroy resident , Symphony supporter and lover of classical music who wanted to see it live on through younger generations . The competition is open to young musicians , ages ten through eighteen , who reside ( or study with a music instructor who resides ) in South Santa Clara , San Benito , Monterey , or Santa Cruz counties . “ You carry on the next generation ,” Martin Groen , SVS ’ s chief percussionist , said , regarding the competition . “ You give them the avenue , and the opportunity to perform with an organized group .”
This year SVS rehearsed and performed with the Sobrato High School Concert Band for the 2017 Young Musicians concert .
“ A great experience for musicians of all ages that the Symphony plans to repeat ,” Jenny Redfern , French horn musician and 21-year SVS member , said .
In 2006 Music Director and Conductor , Anthony ( Tony ) Quartuccio brought renewed emphasis to SVS regarding engaging young musicians as solo performers .
“ Our veteran musicians have played side by side with aspiring teens from our local schools ,” Quartuccio said .
“ It gives youth a glimpse of their future as musicians . We invite youth from the audience to stand with the orchestra during a performance so they can be immersed in the music .”
“ Our conductor has a heart of gold . He is a very special man , he ’ s very sensitive , and he ’ s just a vessel of music knowledge ,” Olivier Blount said .
Mary Anne Groen , second violinist , SVS member since 1983 , and Martin ’ s wife , agreed . “ We ’ ve had some great conductors . We ’ ve had very good conductors . But I think Tony has understood us the best , and he has the most patience for us ,” she said .
Eleven years ago Quartuccio replaced Henry Mollicone who stepped down after a five-year run . Preceding Mollicone was Jason Klein . But Concert Master Kathleen Baraclough , a Morgan Hill School District employee , started it all in the early 1970s when Burnett Elementary School asked her to provide an orchestra to perform at an Independence Day celebration . Baraclough , Pat Meyer , the longest standing member of SVS , and other local musicians performed “ The Stars and Stripes Forever ” to a standing ovation .
“ Before that , music lovers had to travel to San Jose or further . It ’ s grown
Phil Robb, Alumni Chorus, December 2016 “Lord of the Rings,” “Pirates of the Caribbean,” “Jurassic Park,” “The Cowboys,” and the iconic classic, “Star Wars,” to name just a few. The October event includes a complimentary cham- pagne reception at 3 pm. Families are encouraged to attend. Youths (16 and under, accompanied by an adult) and college students (with ID) will receive free admittance. The SVS 2017-2018 season also marks the 10th Annual Navaroli Young Musicians Competition, named after Al Navaroli, a long-time Gilroy resident, Symphony supporter and lover of classical music who wanted to see it live on through younger generations. The competition is open to young musicians, ages ten through eighteen, who reside (or study with a music instructor who resides) in South Santa Clara, San Benito, Monterey, or Santa Cruz counties. “You carry on the next gen- eration,” Martin Groen, SVS’s chief GILROY • MORGAN HILL • SAN MARTIN SEPTEMBER/OCTOBER 2017 percussionist, said, regarding the competition. “You give them the avenue, and the opport չѼəɴݥѠ)ɝ镐ɽt)Q́啅ȁMYLɕ͕)əɵݥѠѡMɅѼ!)M Ё ȁѡ)eչ5ͥ́и+qɕЁɥȁͥ)́ѡЁѡḾѼ)ɕгt)Iɸɕɸ)ͥĵ啅ȁMYLȰͅ)%؁5ͥɕѽȁ) ՍѽȰѡ䀡Q䤁EՅՍ)ɽ՝Ёɕݕͥ́ѼMYL)ɕɑչͥ́)ͽəɵ̸+q=ȁٕѕɅͥ́ٔ啐)ͥͥݥѠɥѕ́ɽ)ȁ͍̳tEՅՍͅ+q%Ёٕ́Ѡ͔ѡ)ɔ̸́ͥ]٥єѠ)ɽѡՑѼхݥѠѡ)ɍɄɥəɵͼѡ)͕ѡͥt+q=ȁՍѽȁ́Ё)!ٕ́éٕ)͕ͥѥٔéЁٕ͕ͥ)ݱt=٥ȁ չЁͅ)5ɽ͕٥а)MYLȁ̰ͥ5ѥe)ݥɕq]eٔͽɕ)Սѽ̸]eٕٔ䁝)Սѽ̸ Ё$ѡQ䁡́չȴ)ѽ́ѡа́ѡ)ѥȁ̳t͡ͅ)ٕ啅́EՅՍ)ɕ!5ݡѕ)ݸѕȁٔ啅ȁոAɕ)5݅́)ͽ- ) Ё5ѕȁ-ѡ Ʌ՝)5ɝ!MɥЁ啔)хѕЁѡɱ́ݡ) ɹЁхMͭ)Ѽɽ٥ɍɄѼəɴ)Ё%䁍Ʌѥ) Ʌ՝AЁ5Ȱѡ)хȁMYLѡ)ͥ́əɵqQMх)Mɥ́ɕٕˊtѼх)مѥ+q ɔѡаٕͥ́Ѽ)ɅٕѼM)͔ȁѡȸ%ӊéɽݸ)ѽ乍(