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HAM RADIO RESOURCES Morgan Hill Amateur Radio Society — Garlic Valley Amateur Radio Club — San Benito County Amateur Radio Association — National Association for Amateur Radio — WOODY SALYER was inspired by his middle school teacher to explore the world of amateur radio. “You’ve gotta be a bit of a nerd I guess. I remember seeing the radio tubes glowing and being impressed by the idea that you could talk to people half way around the world. After the requirement to know Morse Code was dropped, I got my license, and my own ham radio. I met other amateur radio operators, many who are also CERT members, and became involved with emergency communications. “When the fiber optic cable was cut in 2009, and last winter during the flooding in Coyote, we supported first responders in helping with communications from Morgan Hill to Gilroy and to Santa Clara County agencies. We were in touch with field operators, the emergency operations center, and the county. “There are well-defined protocols to be followed. The county holds a monthly training class for ham radio operators to encourage cooperation across the county and keep everyone on the same page. If cell communications are down or there’s sensitive information to communicate, first responders can count on us.” Don’t Miss A Single Issue of gmh TODAY gmh gmh • Visit our website at TODAY .com/archives to view the current issue as well as all prior publications of Gilroy Today, Morgan Hill Today and TODAY dating back to our fi rst issue, published in 2006. • Visit one of our 200+ distribution locations throughout the South Santa Clara Valley — Gilroy, Morgan Hill, and San Martin and pick-up a print copy. Guaranteed locations include First Street Coff ee, Westside Grill, Nob Hill Foods and Fift h Street Coff ee in Gilroy, Morgan Hill Car Wash, DePaul Center, CRC, Community Center and Cochrane Plaza in Morgan Hill. You can fi nd a complete list on our website at TODAY . com/distribution-sites. gmh • Provide us with your email address and we will send you a link to our electronic version as each issue is published. Email your address to me at jchris@ TODAY .com. Or like us on Facebook. gmh • 56 If you prefer to receive a print copy of the magazine, the price for a one-year (6 issues) subscription is $19.95. Just send a check made out to InfoPower Communications to 7446 Rosanna Street, Gilroy, CA 95020. Requests received by December 1st will not miss a single issue. GILROY • MORGAN HILL • SAN MARTIN SEPTEMBER/OCTOBER 2017 In June of 2018, they’ll join more than 40,000 hams throughout the U.S. and Canada in celebrating Field Day. Locally, ham radio operators will set up temporary transmitting stations in Gilroy’s Christmas Hill Park to demonstrate ham radio’s science as well as its public service, emergency preparedness, community outreach, and technical skills in a single event.