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COMPARING the POWER mix ALTERNATIVES PG&E POWER MIX SVCE POWER MIX 50% renewable/50% hydropower 1% below PG&E costs GREEN PRIME POWER MIX $3-5 more per month SVCE… how IT all WORKS SVCE’s operating model includes reinvestment of net revenues—which the Authority has said will keep rates low—and the promotion of local clean energy projects. Governance is provided by a Board of Directors made up of local public officials tasked with seeking community input before implementing rate changes. Representing South County on the SVCE Board from Gilroy are Council members Dan Harney (SVCE Board Vice Chair), Peter Leroe-Munoz (alternate); and from Morgan Hill are Mayor Steve Tate and Program Administrator Anthony Eulo (alternate). Like PG&E and other providers, SVCE is required to report annually to the CPUC and the California Energy Commission on the amount of renewable energy that has been procured for customers. SVCE and Clean Energy Credits South County’s habitually sunny weather is ideal for collecting clean solar energy. Under SVCE’s Net Energy Metering (NEM) program, homeowners, businesses, and government facilities that have installed solar are earning credits for the surplus power they generate, thereby offsetting some or all of their normal electricity usage charges. According to SVCE, the NEM program values net surplus generation at full retail, surpassing PG&E’s wholesale rate. On top of that, excess credit automatically rolls over on a month-to-month basis. SVCE ON the ROAD People are buying electric vehicles (EVs) in increasing numbers, especially with the launch of the Chevy Bolt and its 200-mile EPA rating. In a quarterly report published by the California New Car Dealers Association, nearly five percent of new vehicles registered in the Golden State w