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These are just the basics to start with. Once you’ve gotten this together you can certainly add to it. Or, like some of us, keep adding to it until you have three closets of clothes! For some of us, it’s a hobby, to others a compulsion! How important is Grooming? Well, no matter how much you spend on your clothing, if it is messy or ill-fitting, stained or just plain dirty, you are being inconsider- ate and sending the wrong message about your appearance. Good grooming demon- strates respect for yourself and for others. Clean clothes are a must. Even if your clothes aren’t dirty or stained, do the sniff test. Clothes hanging too long in the closet may take on a musty smell. Even the jacket you wore yesterday may have perfume scents or kitchen odors. Neatness counts. Your clothes may not be new, but if you are neat and orga- nized in your appearance, it shows others that you care. The age of your shoes is unimportant. It’s how well-kept and shined they are that matters. Hair. Clean hair, free of dan- druff, complements your wardrobe. Nails. For both men and women, neatly manicured nails and cuticles are suggested for a polished look. Colors and designs are great but best kept out of most work- places. Breat