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They say it ’ s not who you know ; but what you know . Well , I ’ m here to say — hogwash ! Just when I think we ’ ve completely run out of things to write about , someone sends me an email or flags me down at the supermarket ( actually that would be Larry as I have relinquished that outing to him ) and shares a new and exciting item of interest . I ’ m not going to say I know all of them personally but they are friends of gmhTODAY — so they certainly aren ’ t strangers . I want to thank them for much of the inspiration that went into the development of these pages .

Within the last year , we ’ ve dealt with drought conditions on one end of the spectrum and an overabundance of rain causing floods on the other . They say this has been the wettest year ever , following the driest four years in recent history . With that backdrop , we continue our Infrastructure Series with Part II — Water . Robin Shepherd did an excellent job of finding out where our water comes from , how it ’ s stored , and what the future holds . ( Pages 12-17 ) You may also want to read about Gilroy ’ s first water system and what the valley was like before there was an Anderson Lake . ( Pages 62-65 )
On the topic of “ Regional Thinking ,” we had a conversation with Mayor Steve Tate of Morgan Hill and Mayor Roland Velasco of Gilroy and asked them what their take was on some regional issues . Although facing the challenges of their respective communities is a priority , both agree that a regional mindset is needed to address those issues that effect the area . ( Pages 26-29 )
I am so excited that the Gilroy Demonstration Garden is bringing back our Farmers Market . Larry and I really missed it this past summer . Although I ’ ll still miss our Saturday morning walks to the City Hall parking lot , I have now found solace in knowing that I will be able to get my fresh veggies and fruit on Friday evening just before I kick up my heels and enjoy our Fifth Street Live Concert Series . ( Pages 40-41 ).
I want to thank Michael Cichon , Kendall Oblak and Addie Bryant-Habit for allowing us to tour the amazing facility that is TenCate , Morgan Hill . We had no idea of the scope of their work when we asked to visit and do a story about the company . Larry and I were just blown away by the scope and international reach of their work . It ’ s pretty cool to have businesses of this caliber located in South Santa Clara Valley . ( Pages 53-55 )
Everyone talks about where they ’ re going or where they ’ ve been on vacation . Well , we wanted to address some of the pretty cool stuff to see and take advantage of right here at home . When I say home , I mean within a 30-60 mile radius — doable in one day , without the expense of a hotel . We couldn ’ t include all of the things we discovered while conducting our research , but we do have 23 ( my favorite number ) things to attend and places to go this summer . We hope you take advantage and enjoy a few of them . ( Pages 82-87 )
Larry and I want to thank Captain Jim Maya for helping us bring his adventure in relocating to the San Juan Islands to you . I ’ m sure after reading of his adventure , you will want to include a visit on your bucket list ; I know I have . ( Pages 96-99 )
Last but not least , this is to Frank Leal — you have literally hit it out of the park with the Granada Theatre dinner shows . We had an amazing time sharing dinner with our good friends Linda and Steve Hussar and we made new friends all while enjoying a five-star meal and great entertainment . Thanks for the experience . ( Pages 102-103 )
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T hey say it’s not who you know; but what you know. Well, I’m here to say — hogwash! Just when I think we’ve completely run out of things to write about, someone sends me an email or fl ags me down at the super- market (actually that would be Larry as I have relinquished that outing to him) and shares a new and exciting item of ѕɕи'eЁѼͅ$܁)ѡͽ䁉Ёѡ䁅ɔɥ́)Q=dPͼѡ䁍х䁅ɕe)Ʌ̸$݅ЁѼѡѡȁՍѡɅѥѡЁݕЁѼѡ)ٕЁѡ̸͔)]ѡѡЁ啅ȰݗeٔЁݥѠɽ՝Ёѥ́ѡ)մٕɅչɅͥ́ѡѡȸQͅѡ)́ѡݕѕЁ啅ȁٕȰݥѡɥЁȁ啅́ɕЁѽ)]ѠѡЁɽݔѥՔȁ%ɅՍɔMɥ́ݥѠAЁ%$P]ѕȸ)IMɐፕЁЁݡɔȁ݅ѕȁ́ɽ)܁ӊéѽɕݡЁѡɔ̸Àȴܤeԁ䁅ͼ݅ЁѼɕ)ЁɽéЁ݅ѕȁѕݡЁѡم݅́ɔѡɔ݅́)ͽ1ÀȴԤ)=ѡѽqIQtݔٕͅѥݥѠ5ȁMѕٔ)Qє5ɝ!5ȁIY͍ɽ䁅ͭѡݡ)ѡȁх݅́ͽɕՕ̸ѡ՝ѡ́ѡ)ɕѥٔչѥ́́ɥɥ䰁ѠɕѡЁɕ͕Ё́)Ѽɕ́ѡ͔Օ́ѡЁЁѡɕÀش)$ͼ፥ѕѡЁѡɽɅѥɑ́ɥ)ɵ́5ɭи1䁅$ɕ䁵͕Ёѡ́Ёյȸѡ՝'eѥ)́ȁMɑ䁵ɹ݅́Ѽѡ !ɭа$ٔ܁չ)ͽݥѡЁ$ݥѼЁ䁙ɕٕ́͠եЁɥ)ٕЁɔ$䁡́䁽ȁѠMɕЁ1ٔ )Mɥ̸ÀĤ)$݅ЁѼѡ5 -= 兹е!Ё)ݥ́Ѽѽȁѡ饹ѡЁ́Q є5ɝ!])ѡ͍ѡȁݽɬݡݔͭѼ٥ͥЁѽ䁅Ёѡ)丁1䁅$ݕɔЁݸ݅䁉ѡ͍ѕɹѥɕ)ѡȁݽɬ%ӊéɕ䁍Ѽ͕ٔͥ́ѡ́ȁѕMѠMф) ɄY一À̴Ԥ)ٕ役х́Ёݡɔѡeɔȁݡɔѡeٔمѥ)]ݔ݅ѕѼɕ́ͽѡɕ䁍ՙѼ͕хمх)ɥЁɔЁ]$ͅ䁡$ݥѡɅ̃P)䰁ݥѡЁѡ͔ѕ]ձeЁՑѡ)ѡ́ݔ͍ٕɕݡՍѥȁɕ͕ɍЁݔٔ̀)ٽɥєյȤѡ́Ѽѕ́Ѽѡ́յȸ]ԁх)مх䁄܁ѡÀȴܤ)1䁅$݅ЁѼѡ х)5儁ȁ́ɥٕ́ɔ)ɕѥѼѡM)Յ%ͱ́ѼԸ'eɔѕȁɕ)ٕɔԁݥ݅ЁѼՑ٥ͥЁȁՍЁ$܁$ٔ(Àش)1ЁЁЁаѡ́́ѼɅ1PԁٔѕɅ䁡ЁЁЁѡɬ)ݥѠѡɅQɔȁ̸͡]饹ѥ͡ɥ)ݥѠȁɥ́1Mѕٔ!ͅȁݔ܁ɥ́ݡ)她ٔхȁɕЁѕхиQ́ȁѡɥ(Àȴ̤))AՉ́͡1䀘( ɥ́5)AɽՐMѕ́=) չ)Mѥ)%1I=d5=I8!%10M85IQ%8)5d)U9)ѽ乍(