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mother , I appreciate every minute of my son ’ s visits — no errands , no fixing / repairing that needs to be done — just enjoy his company , hearing his voice , looking at his handsome face , vicariously sharing his experiences . Your parent may not tell you or show you that you are loved but that doesn ’ t mean they don ’ t feel it . Really !

Living alone with not much to do can eat away at one ’ s resolve . Loneliness is suffocating . Some seniors secretly wonder what their purpose is . They don ’ t feel needed . Therapy helps , yes . But you can help them too ! Involve them in things you do . Our generation embraces the need to stimulate one ’ s brain , to not let age stop us from learning a new language , or enrolling in dance class . Many of our seniors have a different orientation . Traditional thinking can get in the way of aging successfully if you were told that once you hit 50 , you should cut your hair , stop being silly and wear flat shoes ! I am joking here but do remember that their “ light ” is a different color than yours . Take them by the hand and help them step into your world from time to time . That will help you both make the most of the energy they emit .
I once heard someone say that “ after 21 , you really can ’ t blame your parents or grandparents anymore .” That makes sense . So , what can you do if you are emulating your parent ’ s negative energy when it comes to aging ? If you want to enjoy this part of your journey , you take control and age the way YOU choose to . Seek energy that gives you positive light . Be the best you can be at any age . If you want to learn to play tennis at 60 , go for it . If you want to color your hair so it is purple at the tips , do it . If you still want to fall in love , put yourself out there ! Celebrities give themselves the license to age the way they want to . You should too !
Visiting Angels once had a client whose grandchildren called her the Old Lady Gaga . She wore colorful outfits . She was fun and silly . She passionately did “ her thing ” through her 80s . She was phosphorescent — the way all of us should aim to be as we age !
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mother, I appreciate every minute of my son’s visits—no errands, no fixing/ repairing that needs to be done—just enjoy his company, hearing his voice, looking at his handsome face, vicariously sharing his experiences. Your parent may not tell you or show you that you are loved but that doesn’t mean they don’t feel it. Really! Living alone with not much to do can eat away at one’s resolve. Loneliness is suffocating. Som ͕͕́ɕѱ)ݽȁݡЁѡȁ̸͔Q)eЁQɅ䁡̸̰) Ёԁѡѽ%ٽٔ)ѡѡ́ԁ=ȁɅѥ)Ʌ́ѡѼѥձєe)ɅѼЁЁѽ́ɽ)ɹ܁Յȁɽ)̸5䁽ȁ͕́ٔ)ɕЁɥхѥQɅѥѡ)Ёѡ݅䁽Ս͙ձ䁥)ԁݕɔѽѡЁԁЀ)͡ձЁȁȰѽͥ䁅)ݕȁЁ̄͡$ɔЁ)ɕȁѡЁѡȃqӊt́ɕ)ȁѡ̸Qѡѡ)ѡѕѼȁݽɱɽ)ѥѼѥQЁݥԁѠ)ѡЁѡɝѡ䁕и)$ɐͽͅѡЃqѕ(İԁɕ䁍eЁȁɕ)ȁɅɕ́嵽ɔtQЁ)͕͔MݡЁԁԁɔ)ձѥȁɕӊéѥٔɝ)ݡЁ́Ѽ%ԁ݅ЁѼ)%1I=d5=I8!%10M85IQ%8)5d)U9)ѡ́Ёȁɹ䰁)хɽѡ݅e=T)͔ѼMɝѡЁٕ́)ͥѥٔи ѡЁԁ)Ё䁅%ԁ݅ЁѼɸѼ)ѕ́Ѐȁи%ԁ݅ЁѼ)ȁȁȁͼЁ́Ёѡ)ѥ̰и%ԁѥ݅ЁѼ)ٔЁ͕Ёѡɔ ɥѥ)ٔѡ͕ٕ́ѡ͔Ѽѡ)݅ѡ݅ЁѼeԁ͡ձѽ)Yͥѥ́)ݡ͔Ʌɕȁѡ=)1Mݽɔəհљ̸)M݅́ոͥ丁Mͥѕ)qȁѡtѡɽ՝Ȁ̸M)݅́ɕ͍ӊQѡ݅䁅)͡ձѼ́ݔ)ѽ乍(