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The Gilroy Demonstration Garden H aving survived the wettest winter in decades, every- one is ready for spring and summer…especially the Gilroy Demonstration Garden. The garden is maturing since its creation as a Leadership Gilroy class project in 2010. Garden plants and trees are matur- ing as are the programs offered by the Garden. This year the Garden is experiencing a resurgence of energy and programs. There are new faces in the garden too. Two part-time garden managers have been hired to keep the garden humming: “We connect residents to healthy Dave Jamrock is our new garden production manager.  Dave has many years of experience as a chef, working on a local farm and at farmers’ markets.  Dave will be responsible for making things grow in the garden…and for running the re-started Gilroy Farmers Market. You can find Dave in the garden most Monday, Wednesday and Thursday mornings. providing educational and family- Peter Ruddock is our new garden program and outreach man- food, gardening, and one another, by friendly programs in our three-quarter acre community garden.” ager.  Peter has many years of experience working with non- profits to change food systems by educating people on where and how food is grown, building a local economy where such food is accessible, and changing laws to make sure that good food is legal.  Peter will be responsible for working with the community, especially in running special events in the garden.  The Return of the Gilroy Come out and celebrate the the Gilroy Farmers Market in its new location on 5 th Street. Purchase locally-grown produce, flowers, and other goods. Support your local farmers and artisans! The Farmers Market will continue dur- ing the summer 5 th  Street Live Music and Moveable Feast series every Friday from June 16 th to August 18 th . Street Chalk Art by Abbie Sotelo, Henna Hut Starting Friday June 2, 3:30 – 7:30 pm 40 GILROY • MORGAN HILL • SAN MARTIN MAY/JUNE 2017