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are now finding things aren ’ t what they appeared to be originally . Alignments that existed for so many years , will be gone . This is going to require a multi-year construction effort , and business owners are concerned about being able to weather the impact of that . I think some are feeling buyers ’ remorse . The Council has to decide .“
Mayors Advocate at the Regional Level
“ Mayor Velasco and I and our two City Councils work closely together ,” Tate said , “ and we ’ ve advocated together to get South County ’ s share of Measure B funds for transportation . As a Mayor , I sit on the board of the Cities Association of Santa Clara , which produces an annual set of priorities based on regional and sub-regional ideas . Along with clean energy , the list includes equitable communities , countywide trails and parks , Age-Friendly Cities ( Morgan Hill is one ), and marijuana regulation . The Cities Association assigns representatives to other entities like the Association of Bay Area Governments ( ABAG ), and the Local Agency Formation Commission ( LAFCO ). Lack of South County representation on LAFCO has been very discouraging , but we ’ re making progress .”
According to Velasco , “ Many feel that South County should have more elected representation on LAFCO . Other cities aren ’ t experiencing the same growth pressures that we are here in South County . Without full representation , all we can do is to set the record straight .”
Both cities are also members of the League of California Cities ( LCC ), represented by its Peninsula Division , which includes the counties of Santa Clara , San Mateo and San Francisco .
Velasco noted that “ a lot of lobbying goes on in Sacramento , through the League , when state bills come up that try to take away local control . We have to be on guard against statemandated legislation if it doesn ’ t make sense for our cities . We can ’ t allow Sacramento to take away resources to redistribute them to agencies .”
Tate added , “ We show up and prevail upon our representatives to protect our interests . It ’ s tough when the state mandates that we do things locally that they don ’ t pay for , that we have to take care of , that take one or more fulltime employees to get the work done .”
Gilroy and Morgan Hill now have the same representatives in the State Assembly , with Anna Caballero , 30th Assembly District ; and in the Senate , with Bill Monning , 17th Senate District . In the U . S . House of Representatives , Morgan Hill and San Martin are part of California ’ s 19th Congressional District , with Zoe Lofgren , who visited our community in April . Gilroy is split between the 19th Congressional District , and California ’ s 20th Congressional District represented by Jimmy Panetta .
In order to promote our place in regional activities , council members in both cities sit on a variety of regional boards , commissions , and associations . Activities of these regional organizations are regularly reported back to our communities at council meetings and shared online via city government websites . Both cities have ramped up their community outreach in recent years via community workshops , the web , streaming media , and community publications .
The South County is a tourism location on the verge of a major awakening . From Silicon Valley it is an ideal spot for “ staycations ” and for sports tourism , agritourism , outlet shopping , local theater , festivals , and wine tasting . Traditional tourism locations such as Monterey , Carmel , and the Central Coast are father away and more expensive . Our neighbors are discovering that staying in Gilroy or Morgan Hill is a great alternative and that opens the door to new local experiences .
Gilroy Gardens Family Theme Park entertains visitors from throughout California and around the world ; and it ’ s right in our own backyard . Just recently its Circus Trees were recognized by the Visit California organization as one of eight “ Hidden Gems ” in California . The Circus Trees are a unique collection of sycamores , box elders , ash and Spanish cord trees that have beenshaped into whimsical designs .
Sports tourism is a big regional draw . Cycling , hiking , golf and boating are all here in South County . The cities are surrounded by amazing parks and open spaces , unlike the congested streets and crowded trails to the North .
Morgan Hill has invested in sports facilities with the capacity and amenities to host local and regional sports
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MORGAN HILL GILROY are now finding things aren’t what they appeared to be originally. Alignments that existed for so many years, will be gone. This is going to require a multi-year construction effort, and business owners are concerned about being able to weather the impact of that. I think some are feeling buyers’ remorse. The Council has to decide.“ Mayors Advocate at the Regional Level “Mayor Velasco and I and our two City Councils work closely together,” Tate said, “and we’ve advocated together to get South County’s share of Measure B funds for transportation. As a Mayor, I sit on the board of the Cities Association of Santa Clara, which produces an annual set of priorities based on regional and sub-regional ideas. Along with clean energy, the list includes equitable c VFW26VGvFRG&2@&2vRg&VFǒ6FW2&v2RB&V&VwVFFR6FW2766F76v2&W&W6VFFfW2FFW"VFFW2ƖRFR766Fb&&VvfW&VG0$rBFR6vV7f&F6֗76ࢄd46b6WF6VG&W&W6VFFd40&VVfW'F66W&vr'WBv^( &Rr&w&W72( Ф66&FrFfV66( fVVFB6WF6VG6V@fR&RVV7FVB&W&W6VFFd4FW"6FW0&V( BWW&V6rFR6Rw&wF&W77W&W2FBvR&RW&P#t$( "$t( "4%Dখ6WF6VGvFWBgV&W&W6VFFvR6F0F6WBFR&V6&B7G&vB( Ф&F6FW2&R6V&W'2bFRVwVRb6Ɩf&6FW242&W&W6VFVB'G2V7VFf6v66VFW2FR6VFW2b6F6&6FVB6g&666fV66FVBFB( Bb&'rvW267&VFF&VvFRVwVRvV7FFR&26RWFBG'FFPv66G&vRfRF&RwV&Bv7B7FFRЦFFVBVv6FbBFW6( BR6V6Rf"W"6FW2vP6( Br67&VFFFRv&W6W&6W2F&VF7G&'WFPFVFvV6W2( ХFFRFFVB( vR6rWB&WfWW &W&W6VFFfW2F&FV7BW"FW&W7G2N( 2FVvvVFP7FFRFFW2FBvRFFw26ǒFBFWF( Bf"FBvRfRFFR6&RbFBFRR"&RgVЧFRVVW2FvWBFRv&FR( Фv&B&vrfRFR6R&W&W6VFFfW0FR7FFR76V&ǒvF6&W&3F76V&ǐF7G&7CBFR6VFRvF&rwF6VFPF7G&7BFRR2W6Rb&W&W6VFFfW2&v@6'F&R'Bb6Ɩf&( 2F6w&W76F7G&7BvFRfw&Vvf6FVBW"6VG&v&27ƗB&WGvVVFRF6w&W76F7G&7B@6Ɩf&( 2#F6w&W76F7G&7B&W&W6VFVB'גWGFख&FW"F&FRW"6R&Vv7FfFW26V6V&W'2&F6FW26Bf&WGb&Vv&&G26֗762B766F27FfFW2bFW6R&Vv&v旦F2&R&VwV&ǒ&W'FVB&6FW"6VFW0B6V6VWFw2B6&VBƖRf6GvfW&V@vV'6FW2&F6FW2fR&VBWFV"6VGWBЧ&V6&V6VBV'2f6VGv&62FRvV"7G&V֖rVFB6VGV&Ɩ6F2FW&6ХFR6WF6VG2FW&66FFRfW&vRb"vVrg&6Ɩ6fWB2FV7Bf ( 7F6F>( Bf"7'G2FW&6w&FW&6WFWB6Чr6FVFW"fW7Ff2BvRF7FrG&FFFW&66F27V62FW&W6&VBFR6VG&67B&RfFW"vB&RWV6fRW"Vv&'2&PF66fW&rFB7Frv&"&v2w&V@FW&FfRBFBV2FRF"FWr6WW&V6W2v&v&FV2f֖ǒFVR&VFW'F2f6F'0g&F&VvWB6Ɩf&B&VBFRv&CBN( 0&vBW"v&6&BW7B&V6VFǒG26&7W2G&VW2vW&P&V6v旦VB'FRf6B6Ɩf&&v旦F2RbVv@( ĆFFVvV>( 6Ɩf&FR6&7W2G&VW2&RVVP6V7Fb76&W2&VFW'26B766&BG&VW0FBfR&VV6VBFv66FW6v27'G2FW&62&r&VvG&r76ƖrrvbB&Fr&RW&R6WF6VGFR6FW2&P7W'&VFVB'r&2BV76W2VƖRFP6vW7FVB7G&VWG2B7&vFVBG&2FFR'F&v2fW7FVB7'G2f6ƗFW2vFFP66GBVFW2F7B6B&Vv7'G0TR#pvևFF6