GMB North West and Irish Region Connect Magazine May 2019 | Page 2

In this issue......... news Manufacturing Success at Columbus Quay Forum FEATURES 04 International Women’s Day Challenges in the Workplace 08 Cammell Laird Good news all round EDUCATION 09 Stress Course Over 30 GMB members attending a forum in regional head office have agreed a future strategy and created a new structure which will dovetail with activists from other regions. Managing Daily Pressures 11 Interactive Training Future Seminars Welcome There was praise for the research and policy team at head office and the lead they have been It means that our region will have providing with comprehensive an input into the nine, National research into rebuilding the UK’s Manufacturing Activist Forum to defence shipbuilding industry. improve lines of communication and mutual support between reps. The GMB has stepped in and challenged the government’s Those present came from as decision to put the Fleet many as seventeen different Solid Support vessel out to employers and Neil Holden the international tender instead of Region’s Senior Organiser for guaranteeing its manufacture in Manufacturing was delighted UK shipyards. with the turnout and the level of debate. It then became a tale of two bobs, with Bob Welham, who “I want to see the set up evolve is a regional delegate on the and eventually see the activists Central Executive Committee and leading their own forum. We Bob Gunn, National President want to see the manufacturing of GMB Manufacturing Section, sector at the forefront of activities explaining the benefits and in the GMB and this event will advantages of good activist definitely improve our ability to networks and highlighting communicate, share common the forthcoming Conference problems and find solutions and in Belfast in November as become a force in its own right.” something to look forward to. OTHER NEWS 02 How to Join Progress at Cammell Laird leading to delays in investment which in turn caused job insecurity. Make the most of your membership 03 Manufacturing Success at Columbus Quay Forum 06 Equalities It’s been a busy few months 07 Political Renewal of Health & Safety Regs 10 Passport to better future GMB & TUC team up A national perspective on how the forum was working across the union was eloquently provided by Jude Brimble GMB National Secretary for manufacturing. She slammed the Tory government on how it has mishandled Brexit, creating uncertainty, 2 After the industrial strategies it was left to Neil Smith GMB Political officer to provide some positive examples of political lobbying in the last year including Cammell Laird shipyard. “ inbrief ... Not INTERNATIONAL only WOMEN’S DAY A special event did we have a marking International decent cross Women’s Day section of reps triggered the launch of a new campaign at debating the the GMB regional HQ way forward, in Columbus Quay. the level of commitment to this project, I believe was GMB EQUALITY ACTIVISTS inspiring for everyone there. GMB SHOUT! LGBT+ second meeting this Neil Holden year takes place in the Jack Mercer room in Bill Smith House, on Wednesday 17th April, from 11am to 2pm. RECOGNITION RESULT WITH A NEW AGREEMENT The extensive efforts and commitment of GMB members and staff appears to have paid dividends in a long running campaign. POLITICAL COMMITMENT The GMB’s Regional Political Officer has welcomed a major review of health and safety regulations by Westminster MPs. 3