GMB North West and Irish Region Connect Magazine May 2017 | Page 2

Join the GMB today Welcome to our 2nd Edition of enews y cCar th M l u a P tar y l Secre a n o i g e GMB R GMB Regional Secretary Paul McCarthy on why GMB will be fighting for a Labour victory in the general election: “On June 8th the British people will be going to the polls in what is, without a doubt, the most important general election in decades. Not only is a right wing Tory push for a “hard brexit” on the cards and with it the risk of further stifling our economy for years to come, but an increased majority for the Tories will be hugely damaging to an already fragile recovery, housing prospects for young people and devastating for our NHS. Not to mention those vulnerable and aging members of our society who continue to come under attack from a heartless tory elite that would rather slash taxes for their rich friends than invest in quality care for the very people who made this country what it is. In this issue......... Join the GMB Pg 2 Make a difference International Women’s Day And the winner is ...... Young Members What the campaign is about Penny Pinchers Demonstration against NHS cuts Workers Memorial Day Always remember May Day March See the benefits we offer Pg 3 Introduction by Paul McCarthy Pg 4 Celebrating women’s achievements Competition Results Welcome to enews Carrington Power Station Pg 6 A huge success Pg 7 Pride Pg 8 Attending events across the Region Pg 10 Women’s Network Pg 11 Confident Avtivists Pg 12 Good Samaratins Pg 14 Mental Health Project Pg 15 General Election 2017 Pg 16 Vote Labour Pg 18 GMB Contacts Pg 18 Branch Details 2 Whilst far from perfect, our Labour party as it continues to develop and grow, is the only party that will work to create good quality jobs, protect and restore employment rights for working people and end the abuse of casual employment. They are the only party that will preserve our NHS and rebuild it for the 21st century rather than tearing it down as the Tories seem intent on doing. And they are the only party that will tackle the lack of funding in social care ensuring our elderly and vulnerable family members are looked after with dignity and respect. For the first time in generations our kids will be worse off than we were - on low wages in insecure jobs and with poor housing prospects. Surely that can’t be right? GMB will be working hard to ensure a Labour victory at the election because we believe strongly that it is in the best interests of working people and the communities we represent. Please help and support us where and when you can, but most importantly please don’t allow May’s vicious and reckless Tories ruin our NHS, our jobs and economy and worst of all the future for our children”. VOTE LABOUR FOR A BETTER FAIRER BRITAIN For more information about how you can help during the election please contact Neil Smith: [email protected] 3