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POLITICAL Eon T A D P U ti c a in GMB union Northern Ireland DREAM TEAM! Members of the GMB delegation at the NIC-ICTU conference in Derry.. COMMITTEE GMB stands proud at the Irish Congress of Trade Unions conference in Derry G MB sent a strong West and Irish Region’s policy, it called delegation to the for the implementation of Clare’s recent Northern Law in Northern Ireland. Clare’s Ireland Law aims to provide Committee of the Irish information that could protect Congress of Trade Unions someone from domestic (ICTU) conference held violence by their partner. in Derry. GMB put its It’s been introduced in agenda to the fore at the England, Wales and Scotland, event, with two motions and GMB wants it in place in voted through unanimously. Northern Ireland. The law gets its PETER MACKLIN First was a motion calling for the name from Clare Wood, who was ICTU to vigorously oppose any attempt murdered by her partner in 2009. by parties in Northern Ireland to introduce any part of the Trade Union Act. Although the WORKING TOGETHER Northern Ireland Assembly has said it has no intention of introducing the Act, mover Peter New and seasoned GMB delegates at the Macklin and seconder Michael Mulholland conference worked together and supported called on the conference for vigilance. each other through an agenda that covered This motion also called on the NIC-ICTU fairness, the economy, trade union to campaign for legislation that updates organisation, equalities, health, the ways in which industrial action employment and education. ballots can be carried out. More Particularly lively debate flexible methods like electronic surrounded Fresh Start voting and workplace ballots Northern Ireland, and need to be brought in. in all, 41 motions were considered. There was a 50/50 gender split NO MORE VIOLENCE among our delegates and everyone had a positive GMB’s second motion was made outlook and conducted by Gail Keown and seconded by GAIL KEOWN themselves very professionally. Denise Walker, and in line with North ALL SMILES! GMB delegates (from right to left): Gail Keown, Linda Maguire, Elaine Morrison, Kay Doherty. At the conference, the Northern Ireland Committee for the next two years was elected, and we’re pleased to announce that it will include GMB member Denise Walker, who was chosen to serve. A special mention goes to GMB delegate Timothy Murphy, who volunteered at very short notice to go up and speak against another union’s motion. Timothy was a first-time delegate and speaker, yet had no qualms about standing up in front of hundreds of people and putting GMB’s position across. Well done! STRENGTH IN NUMBERS The newly elected Northern Ireland Committee of the ICTU. 06 FUSION – GMB North West and Irish GMB25.Fusion_06_07.indd 6 09/06/2016 15:55