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SIGN UP FOR THE GMB eNEWSLETTER AT EU PARTNERSHIP Dave Gray discusses the benefits of Beckers’ EWC. Europe-wide BENEFITS GMB member Dave Gray on the value of a European Works Council… W orking at Beckers, a company that produces industrial coatings for metal surfaces, we’re benefitting from a European Works Council (EWC). This links us with other trade unionists who are in the company, but in other European countries. Beckers is part of Lindéngruppen, which also owns ColArt. The EWC meets once a year to discuss any employment issues including health and safety, and how the business is being run with the company’s management. We put our views across and listen to the information they have on the company, its strategies, and any decisions they’ve made that will affect the workforce. If you work in Beckers and have an issue that you’d like to raise please contact the select committee. Along with a member of central management, “EWC links with trade unionists in EU countries” Fat cat boss GMB saddened by the death of longtime GMB member and tutor Gary Ellis It is with the deepest of regret that we announce the passing of Gary Ellis, GMB tutor and activist, who was a long-time supporter of GMB and regional education. Gary was a former convenor for Glendale Ground Maintenance and with support from the regional educational department achieved accreditation as both a WEA and TUC tutor. He gave his time voluntarily in order to achieve this. Gary will be greatly missed in our Region and GMB’s heartfelt sympathy goes to his wife, Marie, and family. they’ll be setting the agenda for the next EWC meeting. The purpose of the EWC is to share information and ensure that employees of multi-nationals are consulted. An EWC can be installed in any company with at least 1,000 employees and with 150 employees in each of at least two EU member states Our EWC reps include Dave Gray (Beckers) and Pat Shaw (ColArt) for the UK; Marion Cladet (Beckers), Roger Blanc (Beckers), Virginie Girard (ColArt) and Bruno Legouet (ColArt) for France; Guenter Peplowski (Beckers) and Unmahan Koc (Beckers) for Germany; Daniel Kjell (Beckers) and Noemi Gamero (Beckers) for Sweden; Renata Borszowska (Beckers) for Poland; and Piet van Nassau (ColArt) for the Benelux countries. By Andy Vine 29 GMB25.Fusion_28_29.indd 29 04/06/2016 12:29