GMB Magazine GMB25 Fusion Summer 2016 - Page 26

EQUALITIES UPDATE r acceptance GMB fights fo Y T R E POV ting it’s get nder worse u s the Torie The government is treating the poor with contempt, says GMB regional equalities officer Lisa Ryan 26 FUSION – GMB North West and Irish GMB25.Fusion_26_27.indd 26 09/06/2016 16:17 © T The number of rough sleepers This inequality follows poorer he UK has the fifth largest in the UK has more than doubled children as they grow up, economy in the world, yet since 2010 as more and more and they are more likely according to recent statistics one families break up due to to go into either low-paid in five of the population struggles financial pressures. It is clear or physically demanding to meet their daily essential living needs. that the pain of George jobs. Low-cost, unsuitable Parents of young children have to skip Osborne’s repeated cuts is housing simply continues meals in order to feed and clothe their now being felt by those that can this cycle for their own children, and elderly people are making the least afford them. children… and so on. choice between heating their homes and LISA RYAN The Tories keep telling us that Austerity measures put in place eating each winter day. unemployment is going down and omit to compensate for the financial crisis caused According to the Poverty and Social mentioning that this is not due to by the disgraceful way the banks behaved Exclusion research project, the number of government investment, but to the increase are not felt by those who got us into this people living in poverty has doubled since in abhorrent zero hours contracts. mess in the first place. Still, the Tory 1983. It is estimated there are over 3.5 million Employees on these contracts have no government pushes children living in poverty in the UK. financial stability; no guaranteed hours; no ahead relentlessly Children from prospect of getting a mortgage. So how can with cut after cut poor families we rebalance this? – cutting our NHS statistically The obvious answer is that we need to spending and suffer more vote. We need to encourage our friends, cutting local chronic illnesses families and neighbours to vote against government than children these cruel cuts. spending, which from more When another local service is threatened impacts on the affluent families, or lost, make some noise and don’t sit cleanliness of and do less well in quietly by. Stand up and raise awareness. our streets, school. Later on, Contact your local MP and ask them what our libraries, they are less likely HARDEST HIT they are going to do for the vulnerable in our leisure to pass exams Government cuts affect your community. Together, we activities and and go on to the most vulnerable. can make a difference! on our health. university.