GMB Magazine GMB25 Fusion Summer 2016 - Page 22

ONLIANLES Tg to GMB R PoO ti nnec n ? S S E R D D A D E G N A H C C Update your details using the GMB website If you’ve moved, or even if you have a new mobile number or email address, let GMB know so we can keep in touch with you. Here’s how… 1 2 Visit and click on Members Login, on the right in the black bar. ONLINE TIP ETHING Enter your membership number, and the password you want to use. You’ll now be able to add and/or update your details including your address, telephone number and email address. At GMB’s website you can keep up to date with the latest GMB news, campaigns and work issues, download resources and get in touch with GMB. GET THE FREE GMB APP Download the GMB app – available for iOS and Android © ND SOM CAN’T FI TE? USE ON THE SI T CH BAR A R A SE E TH RIGHT. THE TOP 3 4 If you haven’t used the site before you’ll need to create a password. Click Reset or create password on the left hand side. GMB25.national_22_23.indd 22 29/06/2016 10:01