GMB Magazine GMB25 Fusion Summer 2016 - Page 16

GMB25.national_16_17.indd 16 14/06/2016 16:40 Members of GMB repair and maintain one of Britain’s best-known SELLAFIELD LTD GMB members help produce over one million tonnes of petrochemical products every year at this plant. INEOS CHEMICALS & INFRASTRUCTURE, GRANGEMOUTH Members of GMB at this crude oil refinery in Sterlingshire produce the bulk of the fuel used in Scotland. INEOS PETROINEOS, GRANGEMOUTH BP’s North Sea gas pipeline system BP FPS, GRANGEMOUTH This valuable ethylene plant near Fife is one of the largest in Europe – GMB members keep it ticking over. EXXON MOBIL, MOSSMORRAN The UK relies on this supercooled ethane storage tank, which was built by GMB members. SABIC UK, ETHANE STORAGE TANK, WILTON T he next time you open your fridge, start the car or charge your phone, say a little “thank you” to the hard-working GMB members who are part of the engineering construction industry. Ethane tanks, oil refineries, power stations and even nuclear reactors are built and serviced by proud GMB members. GMB is one of just two unions that has negotiating rights with energy plants and construction firms who have signed the National Agreement for the Engineering Construction Industry – NAECI. Through the agreement, GMB stands up for members’ pay, as well as terms and conditions. The NAECI has an arbitration mechanism that is even better than that offered by industrial tribunals, and is supported by the major companies that have signed it. Thanks to being a NAECI signatory, GMB plays a key role not just in the nation’s power supply, but in ensuring members working on the sites shown here are properly looked after by their employers. GMB members all over the UK are hard at work building and servicing our power stations, refineries, and more… ! n o s t h g i the l KEEPING ST I YOU T ON NOT R GMB ICE B OAR D Y U R PULO L-OU MAP T PO