GMB Magazine GMB25 Fusion Summer 2016 - Page 10

Thomas Donegan SCOTLAND s n o i s s e r p Im Five first-time delegates share their thoughts on Congress 2016! Albert Haynes ST MIDLAND & EAST COA “It’s the knowledge that you gain from the people, the officers particularly, and of course Mary Turner – she’s a legend. It’s meeting people from other regions and other branches and talking about their ideas and talking about yours.” Mansfield Central branch member Karen Evans WALES & SOUTH WEST very “The domestic abuse motions were was a bit moving, and Tim Roache’s speech ty emotional. I hope the motions on uni in Labour are taken on board. The d Conservatives are fighting like ma t.” and I hope we do something with tha member Denbighshire Composite branch “I think it’s brilliant. Coming down her e I was anxious about being lost in it all, but I found that the rest of the reps are very helpful. It doesn’t matter where you’re from – England, Scotland, Ireland, whatever – everybody mixes in and discusses everything.” GMB Scotland member e n i a m r a h C Hyman SOUTHERN ng from here, “The things that I’m getti B is doing, are so and the things that GM m is through the amazing… My enthusias u get inspiration roof at this moment. Yo the successes with from other people, and are amazing.” things like blacklisting L26 branch member Wandsworth Council Aafaq Butt YORKSHIRE & NORTH DERBYSHIRE “So far it’s been ab solutely brilliant. I’m hearing about so me of the things G MB has done historically, from Eleanor Mar x to the Suffragette movem ent and about wom en’s rights. It’s all abou t equalities – that would sum it up, really.” BO5 Brighouse b ranch member 10 GMB National GMB25.national_10_11.indd 10 20/06/2016 15:07