GMB Connect Magazine December 2017 December 2017 | Page 2

Join the GMB today Welcome to our 3rd Edition of GMB Connect Welcome once again to the latest edition of GMB Connect, the magazine for ar thy ul McC a P cretar y e GMB members in the S l a n egio GMB R North West & Irish region. As usual we have tried to cover in more depth the stories and issues that you want to read about, but please let us know if there are any items you would like us to cover or any suggestions for your magazine. In between bi-monthly magazines you can always keep up with news, views and all developments via our website or on social media using Facebook (GMB North West & Irish) or Twitter (@unionpeople). Don’t forget that we also feature videos and other links to content and websites so you can follow the story and learn more. In this issue......... Join the GMB Pg 2 Make a difference Justice Conference Pg 4 Pg 8 Pg 10 Pg 12 Take back Manchester Pg 14 Bombardier Pg 16 Save our Jobs Pg 17 GMB Contacts Two Days of Strike Action Application Form Michael Lewis Pg 11 Manchester March Our 17th Annual Conference Arriva Bus Strikes Pg 6 Pace Setters Award A special place in history Women’s Conference Water 1 Conference Supporting Mental Health The passing of an icon Tolpuddle Martyrs Pg 3 Introduction by Paul McCarthy Campaigns for Justice Mary Turner Welcome to GMB Connect Pg 18 Bill Smith House Pg 19 Join Now 2 We recently held successful womens and campaigns for justice conferences which were both well attended and featured some great speakers. We feel strongly at GMB about empowering women both in the workplace and in communities and ensuring we do all we can to give women a powerful voice. We also feel at GMB that by providing a platform at events like our ‘Campaigns for Justice Conference’ we can play our part in highlighting the efforts of some amazing and dedicated people who have thrown all their energies and efforts into their respective search for justice. Those of you who have attended previous conferences will know that we have supported a number of campaigns over the years that have made considerable progress, although for many of them the fight goes on. As GMB members, colleagues and most of all friends, we were all saddened to learn recently of the passing of our beloved National President Mary Turner following her long and brave battle with cancer. She slipped away peacefully with her loving family around her and joins her much loved husband Denny who she lost not so long ago. All the usual plaudits reserved for the titans of our movement were rolled out for Mary, and quite rightly so, she was a giant of the trade union movement, a leader, an inspiration and someone who paved the way not only for women in the workplace but for all working people everywhere. She fought tirelessly for the values and principles she held so dear and was nothing short of a warrior always battling for social justice and equality with a passion and tenacity that set her apart from many others around her. God bless and RIP Mary. Paul McCarthy GMB Regional Secretary 3