Global Roots Edition 7 - Page 6

South Africa Sensational SOUTH AFRICA W e grow our fantastic South African citrus in the ideal climate of Maswiri in the Limpopo province and Zonquasdrift in the Western Cape of South Africa. We are among the first in season to start with our premium Valencia oranges and due to the prime location of our citrus trees on farm in South Africa our other Jupiter grown citrus of Star Ruby grapefruit, lemons and easy peelers have all shown exceptional quality too. Nadorcott’s on the way! Our premium Nadorcott’s cultivated in the Western Cape of South Africa are harvesting soon. The Nadorcott is a sweet mandarin, prized for its easy to peel nature and superb eating quality. Portable and great as a healthy snack, the intense flavour and good-sugar acid balance makes this variety a hit with children and adults alike. 05 JULY 2020