Global Roots Edition 7 - Page 4

Lockdown Life Life the positive side of the pandemic ith 2020’s impromptu and unwelcomed W forced pause on life as we knew it, our teams across the globe have found many ways to keep themselves busy, happy and entertained during lockdown. Keeping boredom at bay is not something we are used to in our ever evolving business and particularly fast paced industry, but we have managed to carve out a new normal and many of us have rekindled or discovered hobbies and positive habits to ease the shock of simply stopping. Gardening wasn’t just on Cristian’s agenda in lockdown, many of our teams have turned their hands to tending to their outdoor spaces. Head of Marketing Kirsty also created a large veggie patch and has invested her time in nurturing 14 different types of fruit and veg from seed, alongside knitting preemie baby booties for her local maternity hospital in the UK. Our Technical Director Cristian set to work on turning his garden into a self-sufficient allotment space by upcycling broken pallets from our UK packhouse. He and his son spent time making a worm farm, building a small green house and camping out in their new space too! 03 JULY 2020