Global Roots Edition 7 - Page 22

Wellbeing TOP 5 TIPS for mental health in the workplacez hether you work alone or as part of a larger team, we can all take steps to aid our mental health and wellbeing in the workplace. Globally the statistics for poor mental wellbeing in the workplace have risen dramatically as a result of the pandemic, we must all make a conscuous effort to protect or restore our own mental health each day. W To encourage an open dialogue on mental health challenges, our People team send out positive and thoughtful messages weekly, here’s some of our favourites from the past few weeks. 1. Take a break from technology It can be very beneficial to spend some time each day away from your phone or computer and feel the stillness and joy of just existing in the moment. Each time you feel the need to pick up your smartphone, pause and ask yourself why you are doing it. This brings out a level of thoughtfulness that combats under thinking compulsion, and by noticing these ‘moments’ we can appreciate how often we miss out on life due to technology. 2. Give a compliment Giving someone else an honest compliment is very rewarding as it comes with the calming satisfaction of bringing a little happiness into the world. Be on the lookout for opportunities to compliment someone around you. Giving a truthful and deserved compliment can work wonders for the receiver. You will be amazed how good it makes you feel too! 4. Face your unwanted feelings Trying to ignore things that have made us angry or irritated can lead to future explosions, think back to a recent time where you were angry and feel the anger of that moment again, emotionally and physically. Take a deep breath and say goodbye to your anger and frustration, keep breathing deeply and feel the anger slide away. 5. Tend to yourself Giving regular caring attention to yourself and your home provides the best conditions in which to relax and restore your energy in the most rewarding way. For example, when cooking for yourself, first think about what you would most like to eat, then take the time to make it to the best of your abilities. Exercise self-compassion as a part of your daily routine! 3. Have a laugh The fastest and most reliable antidote to stress is laughter. It’s the cheapest medicine there is. In times of stress, consciously seek out a good laugh, whether it’s sharing a joke with a friend, watching a funny film or video or even thinking back to a funny memory. 21 JULY 2020