Global Roots Edition 7 - Page 21

Wellbeing Sports massage: Not just for athletes, sports massage can help to resolve soft tissue issues such as frozen shoulder or lower back pain. Sports massage sees the masseuse use their forearms, hands and elbows and is related to the technique of the touch. Deep tissue massage: Deep tissue massage isn’t so much about pressure but about accessing the deeper layers of the muscle tissue to treat chronic tension. Amy Carroll is a self-employed massage therapist who runs her own homebased and mobile business ‘Massage with Amy’ that can be found on Facebook. Amy forms part of our external wellbeing team and pre Covid-19 was offering reduced price massage on site at our UK HQ each month for our employees. Since qualifying in 1996 with an International Institute of Sports Therapy Diploma and an International Institute of Health and Holistic Therapy Diploma, Amy has specialised in both relaxation and sports massage. Amy prides herself on her ability to ease pain and restore muscular balance to her client’s bodies whilst supporting them to self-treat with exercises and rolling techniques at home between treatments too. Trigger point: A trigger point is a catch all name for points in muscles, that when pressed can cause referred pain. JULY 2020 20